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Top Tips On How To Upgrade Your Smoking Accessories

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Smoking accessories are usually seen as a luxury item due to their high prices, but they should be considered an investment. The more you invest in something the longer it will last and so will your pleasure of smoking. Quality always pays off in the long term. Here is how to update your smoking accessories.

Cigar Lighter

This is a must for an avid smoker. There are many types of lighters to choose from, but the traditional way is to go for a refillable lighter as opposed to disposable lighters. Disposable lighters burn out after around ten uses and aren’t as efficient as the refillable kind. To upgrade your cigar lighter, go for a double or triple flame which will ignite the cigar more quickly and evenly. It is also worth investing in a torch lighter that uses butane rather than lighter fluid. 

A torch lighter is ideal for lighting cigars and you can adjust the flame to suit your needs. The higher the flame, the closer it gets to the cigar so if you don’t want to burn it simply reduce the flame by turning down the dial on the bottom of the device. Some lighters even come with a roller dial that allows you to be more precise with how much butane is released. One flick of this switch means no gas comes out at all which makes for cleaner tasting tobacco. This upgrade may be slightly pricey compared to regular lighters, but a torch lighter will last a lifetime.

Watch Cigar Cutter

Whether you choose to cut your cigars with a guillotine or a hole punch cutter is entirely up to you, there are benefits of both. However, if you would like an upgrade from both then why not try a watch cigar cutter? They conveniently fit on the side of your wrist and store in style due to their Swiss design. A watch cigar cutter might seem more of an investment at first but once you find out how much they reduce wastage of your cigars by ensuring each one is evenly cut it soon becomes worth it. Metal guillotines tend to shred rather than slice cigars whereas a steel guillotine can leave teeth marks which again reduces the quality of your cigar. This is not the case with watch cigar cutters as they are safe to use and can be used on even the largest cigars, saving you money in the long run.

Tobacco Pipe

There are many different types of tobacco pipes ranging from simple one-hitter pipes for a quick fix-up to manlier, old-school briarwood pipes. But if you want to upgrade your tobacco pipe then simply choose one that suits you best. The most important thing when choosing a pipe is how it feels when held in your hand because this will affect how much you enjoy smoking it. There are no rules when it comes to which style of pipe you should choose but look at all options before investing in one especially if they are expensive.

Cigar Holder

If you want to upgrade your cigar holder then go for something that is not only stylish but functional. There are many different types of holders ranging from simple cedar-lined tubes to wooden boxes and luxurious leather cases. Wooden holders like the guillotine holder above will keep your cigars fresh and safe while traveling and also can be engraved with initials or a personal message which makes it ideal as a gift. Leather cases come in all shapes and sizes and protect cigars during travel no matter how big or small they are, plus they leave enough space for storing other smoking accessories such as lighters. If you’re looking for something more unusual such as a decorative box, this is perfect due to the storage space inside although it may not protect your cigar from damage.

A Cut-Off Device Or Stopper

A cut-off device is used to stop cigars from being smoked too quickly, they come in many forms including valve-regulated gasses, screwdrivers, rubber bungs, etc. They are usually attached by a silver chain to your cigar case so they are easy to carry around and some have a special compartment inside which can be used for storing matches. The cut-off device works by being inserted into the end of the cigar which is exposed when ash has reached a certain length, it then releases a valve that lets air in but not out. This reduces the amount of smoke you inhale from the cigar meaning you can keep smoking for longer without getting nicotine poisoning.

Whatever type of accessory you choose it is always worth investing in a well-made one that will last a long time due to the money you have spent on cigars. There are many types of accessories available, ranging from expensive luxurious items to simple low-cost ones and it’s up to you which one you choose. It is essential when choosing any cigar accessory, whether it’s a lighter, cutter, or holder that it looks good as well as being practical so think about what would suit your lifestyle before making a purchase.



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