What Do You Do With Love Across Borders?

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If you find that you are falling in love with someone in another country, then you may be wondering two things. How could you build a life together while being separated by borders and what could you do to bring them to you, or yourself to them? Long distance relationships have always had a stigma attached to them. Some people think they’re not real, it’s just something that teenagers should do, you don’t really know the other person because of the distance and lack of in-person contact, or that there are more fish in the sea, but just a lot closer. All of this can be damaging to your long distance relationship if you haven’t thought of the following that we’re about to show you.

Meet halfway

Who says that you need to visit each other one at a time? Let’s say you are from France and your love is in Russia. Who is to say that you need to fly all the way to Russia to meet them? Or who is to say they need to fly to France to meet you? You can meet halfway in the middle, somewhere like Croatia or perhaps Poland. These are countries that can cut half the distance from you and your partner and the costs of traveling to them would be considerably cheaper. If you can, try to meet each other halfway. This does mean you will need to book a hotel for your stay but it’s perhaps better than just traveling hundreds of miles for a weekend visit. 

A special visa

Governments know that keeping two people who do want to start a life together apart, is not good. It’s morally wrong and it can be a missed opportunity for the economy. This is why you should consider a fiance visa which allows you to bring your partner into the country, as long as you intend on marrying each other. You have to show proof of this, such as wedding plans, a wedding date, testimony from a priest or other religious figure, where the ceremony will be held, perhaps an example of the guest list, and or registering at a marriage license service with a particular data. 

The power of Zoom

Unlike the days of yesterday where perhaps a cheap webcam was the only way you could see each other, modern 1080p cameras exist in our phones, tablets and laptops. And thanks to conference call software like Zoom, you can now speak with each other using video meeting calls, for as long as you want. There is no limit to how long the meeting can go on and the bandwidth supports HD cameras. Things have massively improved in the way of technology and you can see and speak with each like this, pretty much daily.

All is not lost if you find yourself in love with someone in another country, far away. You can make it work, if you really want to make it work. 

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