What to Do If You’re Being Stalked

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It’s not a great feeling to know that someone is watching you. It can be scary, intimidating, and very annoying if this person won’t leave you alone. If you’re being stalked at home or work, it may make sense to take certain precautions. This informative guide will discuss the steps of what to do if you are being stalked at home or work – including how to avoid stalking altogether!

Know What Qualifies As Stalking

First, it’s important to note what qualifies as stalking. Laws regarding this crime vary from state to state and country to country; however, there are certain actions that define the term:

Any action taken by someone who is intentionally making you uncomfortable or afraid constitutes stalking.

Tell A Variety Of People About Your Problem

Once you’ve identified the situation as stalking, tell a variety of people about it. This may include your family members or close friends. If there are certain locations where this individual is likely to show up, make sure that these places are alerted as well – for example, local businesses and neighbors who live nearby should be informed of the problem so they can help watch out for this person.

Try To Identify The Stalker

If you can, try to identify the stalker. If they are following you around your home or workplace, take note of what kind of car they drive and how many people are typically in that vehicle. Note any other distinguishing features about this person as well, whether it’s their hair color or clothing choices, for instance. If possible, try to find the person’s name through software that can trace a number. Social media accounts can help identify important information about the person in question.

Document Stalking Behaviours And Locations

Make sure to document each time someone is stalking you at either location. Take note of where exactly these events have taken place so that police will be aware if something happens later on down the line. Try taking photographs if possible; however, do not attempt anything dangerous yourself because physical confrontations should always be avoided when possible! Lastly, make sure that you note all the details you notice about the stalker (e.g., what they look like, how old they are) and any other important information that may help police identify them.

Report Stalking To The Cops

Once you’ve done the above, it’s time to talk with law enforcement officials about what is going on. Report every single incident of stalking that has occurred up until this point, even those events where nothing seemed to happen, or no one was hurt. These reports help police track patterns and see if there are any leads as far as who your stalker might be. If there isn’t enough evidence for an arrest warrant, but they suspect another crime may have been committed (such as trespassing), then officers will file a report anyway so future incidents can be properly investigated and charged accordingly.

You May Need A Temporary Restraining Order

If things become more serious, then you may need a temporary restraining order (TRO) issued. A TRO is a document that orders the perpetrator to stop all communication and stay away from you, at least until they have been served with court papers, which can happen as soon as two days after the order’s issuance.

The police department or district attorney can help you obtain this legal protection; they will also be able to tell you whether it makes sense for them to file official charges against your stalker. If so, then an arrest warrant may follow shortly after.

In conclusion, stalking is a serious crime and should be taken seriously. If you follow the suggestions outlined in this article, then it’s possible that your stalker will stop their behavior for good.

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