What’s The Real Reason You’re ‘Not A Necklace Person’?

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For some people, a necklace is a go-to for completing any outfit, be that for a smart night out or just a day spent lazing around the house. For others, necklaces are just accessories that are bought, worn once, and then left in the jewelry box (or more realistically at the bottom of the wardrobe) never to be revisited. 

If you’re in this latter category and don’t mind, then more power to you. But, there is a better way if this bothers you. In fact, we don’t believe there’s any such thing as someone who’s ‘not a necklace person’, and we’re going to prove it by considering the entirely repairable mistakes that have most likely led you to this conclusion in the first place.

Mistake 1: Getting length all wrong

The length of a necklace makes a huge difference to finishes overall and should be dependent on everything from neck size (short necks require shorter necklaces, for instance) through to your body type, and even your height. Only by settling on the ideal solution with all of these considerations, and a fair amount of trying on, can you finally find a necklace that makes all of your outfits pop and that, more importantly, feels comfortable. Once you’ve found that prime length through trial and error, you can then invest in silver or copper jump rings to help you lengthen the necklaces that you’ve already got, or even invest in imperfect pieces that you can adjust. Before you know it, not only will you be a necklace person, but you’ll have a whole wealth of great options to choose from. 

Mistake 2: Not factoring for your wardrobe

It’s also possible that your downfall comes from not thinking about your wardrobe. After all, even something timeless like a delicate silver chain isn’t going to look its best (or help you to look your best) when paired with bold colors if those dominate your wardrobe. Hence, you should also think about your clothing style overall, considering things like key colors and overall impact to decide whether or not a necklace is worth buying. Ideally, you want to make sure that you can pair that piece with at least three to four outfits before you can truly say that it’s worth your while, and likely to turn your necklace journey around. 

Mistake 3: Limiting your options

It’s also possible that you’ve struggled to find ‘the one’ because you’re inadvertently limiting your options. Certainly, sticking to ready-made, shop-bought solutions can prove problematic if you’ve already got a bad track record where necklaces are concerned. By instead seeking bespoke or custom-made options, you therefore automatically increase your chances at finding the perfect piece which, as well as taking all of the above pointers into consideration, could provide you with a blueprint from which to base all your necklace buying in the future. 

Just as you can’t not like all movies, you can’t not like ALL necklaces. The question is, are you ready to put these tips into action to prove that point?

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