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When Do You Need To Hire A Bankruptcy Lawyer? Find Out Here

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Bankruptcy is a legal process in which people or businesses can seek relief from debt under the protection of a court. When bankruptcy is filed, it will free up funds to pay off other debts and allow you to start fresh with your future. However, if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, then you might need an attorney to help you get through the process. A qualified attorney will help with the process and make sure that your rights are protected. Read on to learn more about what benefits a bankruptcy lawyer offers, how they could benefit your situation, and when you might need one. 

1) A Lawyer Is Needed For Bankruptcy Planning 

The first thing that you need to do is to decide which type of bankruptcy to file. There are different types of bankruptcy, and the one that you should file depends on your situation. For example, when being sued for a debt you can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to have the lawsuit dismissed. Your lawyer can help you with this decision so you don’t have to stress about choosing the wrong type of bankruptcy. If you live in Columbus, Cleveland, or Akron, you can hire professionals from Ohio bankruptcy law firm Amourgis & Associates that can help you. An experienced lawyer will know which type of bankruptcy you can benefit from the most.

2) A Lawyer Can Help You With Bankruptcy Preparation

You can hire a lawyer before you file for bankruptcy so they can help prepare all of the necessary documents. It is important to keep in mind that filing for bankruptcy isn’t easy, so you need to find an attorney who has experience with the process. Documents that might be needed include tax returns, credit card statements, and your financial situation. For example, to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy you need to prove that you can’t pay back your debt, and a lawyer will help you do this.

3) A Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Assets

When filing for bankruptcy, it’s important to protect your assets so they aren’t sold to pay back your creditors. This is where a lawyer can help you. For example, you might not need to include your car in the list of assets you’re selling if it is worth less than a certain amount. A lawyer can help you figure out which property and possessions shouldn’t be included in the bankruptcy and which ones can go up for sale.

4) A Lawyer Will Be Available For Consultations And Legal Representation

You can also hire a lawyer for consultation and legal representation. They can help you with the bankruptcy filing, but they will also be there for you if any legal issues come up down the road such as creditor harassment or lawsuits against the bankruptcy filing. The lawyer that you hire should be available for consultations and meet with you after the bankruptcy filing to review everything.

5) A Lawyer Can Help You Rebuilt Credit After Bankruptcy

Another benefit of hiring a lawyer is that they can help you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. A good lawyer will know how to make sure the bankruptcy filing goes through smoothly and won’t leave any marks on your credit report. They can also hold creditors responsible for harassing you after the bankruptcy is filed. This is done by filing a motion with the court to stop the creditors from contacting you.

6) A Lawyer Will Make This A Stress-Free Process 

Finally, hiring a lawyer is important because they will make this process as stress-free as possible for you. They understand that this isn’t easy and will do everything in their power to help you. You can live your life while you let them handle the legal aspect of filing for bankruptcy and deal with creditors on your behalf. A qualified attorney will also be there to answer any questions you have along the way so you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, then hiring a lawyer is important. You should hire an experienced attorney at the beginning of this process so they can help you through the entire bankruptcy filing. An attorney will also be there for support and advice throughout the bankruptcy process. They can help protect your assets, keep creditors from harassing you, and rebuild your credit. Your lawyer might even be able to offer you a consultation and legal representation so you don’t have to deal with anything on your own. We hope that this article has clarified why you should find a bankruptcy lawyer before you file for bankruptcy.


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