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Why Wear Cat Eyeglasses?

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Cat eye glasses are not new to optical shoppers or fashion trendsetters. These glasses have been out there in the market for quite a while. You may have seen photos of your mothers or grandmothers wearing cat frames. These glasses didn’t disappeared all of a sudden, they

have gone through ways of popularity. Cat eye shape has recently made a massive comeback in the market as a fashion must-have.

Most of the styling of cat eyeglasses is done on the upper side of the frame. The lower half of the frame is left with less styling. Cat eyeglasses have larger width on the upper side and smaller width on the downside of the frame. This makes cat eyeglasses pretty unique and stylish. The upswept taps upwards in the direction of the temple in cat eyeglasses. This unique shape differentiates cat eye glasses from other styles. SmartBuyGlasses USA has all of the most recent Cat-eye glasses collections. You’ll be able to select the ideal pair to complement your personal style.

What Distinguishes a Cat-eye Frame?

A cat-eye shape covers many different versions of an eyewear frame with a high eyebrow arch. In such a frame, the bottom sweeps up towards the cheekbone.

Whenever we think about the cat eyeglasses style, the early versions of the 1950s come to our mind. In the 1960s, Holly Golightly brought cat sunglasses. In this period, the cat eyeglasses became popular among more women. Cat eyeglasses dipped in popularity after becoming

beloved, but have now returned to the market in full swing.

Modern cat eyeglasses are a more fashion-forward than the early ones and offer a twist on the

classic design. Glasses now come in a variety of shapes, styles, textures, and colors. According

to different shape faces, cat eyeglasses are coming in the market with varying styles like thick

and dark frames and thin light frames, and much more.

Your Eyewear is Your Makeup

One of the main reasons these cat eyeglasses look so beautiful on most women’s faces is the cheekbone flattering angle. The shape of the frame of cat eyeglasses closely resembles the strokes of makeup brush. Some cat eyeglasses frames with bigger lenses are also coming in vogue, giving a more detailed look for thick full eyelashes.

Cat-eye Glasses Frames Defy DNA

Due to the unique design, wearing cat eyeglasses enhances the physical features of someone’s face. They look pretty stylish and uplift your face.

The lower part of the frame creates an upward sweep which enhances facial looks. This sweep structure creates an impression of an ideal bone structure. If you do not have high cheekbones, you can use cat eyeglasses frames to get a slimming shape.

Cat Eye Frames are a Statement!

Cat eyewear frames give a classy and fabulous look to one’s outfit. Moreover, cat eyewear

frames have a high demand because these are a truly unique statement to all the eyewear styles.

A cat eye frame may help to declare a feminine and confident personality. Cat eyewear frames

match significantly with almost all daily recurring events such as parties, office work, going

shopping, and anywhere else you will want to be seen. Wherever you wear cat eyeglasses, you

are most likely to be distinguished by your sense of style. If you want to look bold, confident,

and feminine, cat eyeglasses are perfect for you.

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