5 Safety Tips To Avoid Boat Accident On The Water

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Nothing can match the joy of cruising through the waters of Miami beaches with your friends and family. As much as it is thrilling to enjoy a cruise ride in the seas, Miami’s rising number of boat accidents is alarming. The boat accidents in Miami incurred more than $3 million in the cost of damage to the property. Though many people hire a Miami boating accident attorney to represent them legally, it’s best to take the necessary precaution than find the cure after the accident has taken place. 

Here are five safety tips you must keep in mind the next time you indulge in a water activity to avoid boat accidents. Take a look.

Always check the boat before leaving the shore.

Always perform an inspection before leaving for the ocean. Make sure all the components of boats are working correctly and check if there are any leaks. Make sure you carry essential paperwork with you. Additionally, check the safety gear and manually inspect all the boat’s controls.

Carry a boat safety kit

Always prepare for any worst-case scenario on the waters. Make sure there’s always a safety kit in the boat. The kit must contain all the essential equipment, gear and other things to help in an accident. Here are some of the essentials that should be in a safety kit:

  • Life jacket – Life jacket must be mandatory for all the passengers. Also, ensure that the jackets are high quality and certified.
  • First aid kit– First aid kids are helpful to treat minor injuries, cuts and bruises.
  • Whistle– Every life jacket must have a whistle that acts as a beacon during an emergency.
  • Ropes– To pull someone out of water. 
  • Mirror– A reflective object to use as a signal for rescuers
  • Flashlight– For the emergencies
  • Garbage bags – To prevent littering the ocean.
  • Fire extinguisher – To put out fires.
  • Duct tape – Temporarily fix minor leaks.
  • Bucket– To bail out the water.

Check the weather before leaving for the waters.

Nature can play tricks any time it wants. That means you cannot always predict when a storm can appear when you are in the ocean. Look out for signs of storms, such as choppy water and varying gusts of wind. The boat operator must check the weather before heading onto the water. That way, you can plan your journey accordingly.

Never overload the boat.

Every boat comes with a specific load capacity that allows it to travel on the water safely. That is why you should never overload the boat either with the people, luggage or unnecessary equipment. Always follow the boat loading guidelines and allow only the authorized number of people. Overloading the boat increases the chances of accidents.

Avoid alcohol

It’s always best to avoid alcohol on the boat if you are planning a long trip. Boat operators should never drink alcohol while operating the vessel. Alcohol consumption can affect motor skills and which will risk the lives of the passenger. Different US states have different laws about riding a boat under the influence of alcohol. An efficient Miami boating accident attorney can give you essential information about other laws as well. It’s also best to hire a boat accident attorney if you suffer any boat accident.

Oceans can be dangerous as much as they are lovely. Remember to follow all the safety norms while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Miami.


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