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6 E-Commerce Tips That Will Significantly Increase Conversions

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If you have a business then you most likely have a website. Businesses now depend on their online presence to reach customers, interact with them, and market their products or services. You basically have a goal that you want to achieve with your website; whether that goal is to have users download something, sign up to your website, or make a purchase. This is called conversion rate. Conversion rate is when website visitors take the action that you want them to, which fulfills the goal behind your website. 

If your website offers online shopping then normally you expect people to buy your product, add items to their wish-list, or share your website or any of your products on social media. If your website visitors don’t complete the desired actions, this means that your website isn’t performing as you expect it, and therefore, your business won’t thrive. If you want to increase your conversion rate then keep reading for useful e-commerce tips.


  • Focus on the Website’s Speed


If your website takes longer to load, your visitors will get frustrated and find their needs elsewhere. A one-second delay can make you lose potential customers and affect your conversion rate. Fast loading speed is very important as it enhances the user’s experience and in return improves your website traffic. This is why you need to boost your website’s speed, and there are various ways that can help you do that. You can change your web host, check your plugins, or delete large files.


  • Discounts and Free Shipping


If there is anything that can make shoppers click buy now, it is discounts and free shipping. Discounts can be a powerful tool to attract people to your website. However, you should be careful because too many discounts will make users wait for them and only shop when there is a sale. For this reason, offer discounts every once in a while or during special occasions like Christmas or Black Friday. Additionally, make your discount for a limited time to get people to your website fast. You can also offer customers free shipping since most buyers won’t complete an order if they will be charged for shipping. Free shipping can be a great way to increase the conversion rate, so take advantage of it even if you have to increase your products’ prices in return.


  • Provide Images


Providing photos of the product that you are selling is a must. Using description alone won’t drive enough sales. You need to make sure that the pictures you upload are high-quality and showcase the product from different angles. There are different and easy methods that can help you take good pictures. You can hire professionals and ensure that they have the best photo studio management workflow solution. The workflow is regulated this way and you can make their job easier by offering apps that provide them with the right style, name automation, and uploading the images while the shooting is taking place. Making your photographer’s job easier will free their time to take more photographs of your products and finish the job faster. 


  • Abandoning Carts


You want customers to finish the shopping process. If they abandon carts then you won’t make sales which affects your conversion rate. There are various reasons that can make a customer abandon their cart. For instance, they may want to pay by credit and you only offer cash payments so make sure to offer various payment methods. Sometimes customers don’t want to create an account so provide a guest check out. You can also send them an email to learn why they didn’t finish shopping, this will help you learn more about your customers and if your website has any problems that you aren’t aware of.


  • Customer Service


Good customer service has always been a key element in increasing sales. For this reason, you should provide your contact information on your website and make it easy for customers to reach you. If customers don’t find your contact information online they will be reluctant to purchase your product because they will have no method of reaching you if something goes wrong.


  • Secure Your Website


You can do everything right and customers will be wary of shopping on your website if it isn’t secure. No one wants to put their credit card or personal information on a website that their browser is warning them against. You can secure your website by regularly updating plugins to protect the page from hackers and migrating to HTTPS.

Increasing the e-commerce conversion rate should be any business’s number one priority if they want to make a profit from online shopping. Online shopping has been on the rise ever since COVID-19. Therefore, this is the best time for you to tweak your website and shopping process to enhance customers’ shopping experience so they would come back which will increase your conversion rates.

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