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How To Decorate With Antiques In A Modern Style

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There are many reasons why people want to decorate with antiques. For some, they want the authenticity that comes from using pieces that have stood the test of time. Others might be looking for a style that is different from what you can find in most high-end furniture stores. Whatever your reason, it is possible to work antiques into a modern design scheme without sacrificing functionality or elegance. This blog post will share some tips on how you can do this!

Mix in Modern Pieces

If you are using an antique piece, try to use more modern pieces throughout the room. This will help balance out your design scheme and keep things from feeling too old-fashioned. If you have gorgeous antique French style furniture, consider using a sleek modern sectional sofa. One way to mix antiques into a design scheme is to use them as accents rather than having too many pieces in one room or space. You can do this by surrounding the antique piece with more modern furniture, artwork, and accessories.

Allow for Distressed Surfaces

If you are using antiques in your design, it is best to embrace the distressed look. This will help keep things feeling more authentic and also give a weathered, vintage appeal. If there are stains or nicks on an antique piece, consider leaving them as-is. On some pieces of furniture, such marks may give it a rustic or old-world appeal. If you do not like the look of these marks, consider using antiques with smooth and even finishes instead.

Think About the Room’s Purpose

Before you start decorating with antiques, it is important to consider how each piece will fit into your room. For instance, if you are trying to create a bedroom that has an industrial style design scheme, using ornate antique furniture may not make much sense. However, this might work well for any living rooms or dining rooms you have. If the room is going to be used for things other than decorative purposes, it may make more sense to stick with modern pieces or those that look similar to antiques.

Make Sure You Have the Right Storage

Antique furniture is often not as functional as modern pieces. This means that you need to have more storage space throughout your home if you are going to use this type of decor. It is important to store these items in a safe place so that they stay preserved and do not become damaged or broken through mishandling. If your room does not provide enough space for all of them, then it may be time to buy another cupboard or shelving unit where they can sit until you need them again.

Test Pieces Out

Before you start decorating your living room, bedroom, dining area, or any other space in your home with antiques, it is important to see how they look. You can do this by placing them into the spot where you plan on using them and making sure that everything fits together well. If there are not enough drawers or cabinets to store everything, you may need to go out and purchase some modern pieces that will work well with your antiques.

Look for Unique Pieces

In addition to estate sales, you can also find unique pieces at antique stores. They may not be as cheap as the items from estate sales, but they will add a certain charm and elegance to your home decor if chosen correctly. For it to work though, make sure that whatever piece you choose has a modern twist in its design or construction so that it does not look completely out of place when placed into this particular style room. Also remember that because these types of pieces are typically more expensive than other choices on the market today, do not overdo it with too many different ones!

Use Antiques as Accents

Think about what you are interested in collecting. Antiques can be used to decorate any room, so think carefully before starting your collection. You want it to fit with the style of the home and other decorations, not clash or stand out too much. This will ensure that everything fits together well when finished.

It is sometimes difficult to know where antiques should go after buying them for a living room or bedroom decoration because they do not always match modern d├ęcor styles very well-especially if you have dark wood furniture, shiny surfaces like marble floors, metal lamps, etc.

While it might sound challenging at first to decorate a room using up-cycled or antique furniture, there are many benefits. You can give your home an old-world feel without having too much clutter throughout the space!



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