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How to Improve the Workplace to Increase Productivity

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There are many things you, as a business owner, can put into place to encourage productivity. Most people do not want to go into work and feel depressed and down. They want to be inspired, and they want to do a good day’s work. However, sometimes the environment brings them down. That’s is where you step in. If you can create a workplace environment that can lift the mood of your staff, enhance their well-being, is comfortable, and make them feel proud to work for you, productivity will increase, and that is better for everyone.

Develop a Company Culture

A company culture that is clear and evident will make your staff feel as if they are a part of something. It is important that you create clear goals and a company vision that your staff can appreciate and believe in. When developing a company culture, start with branding. A strong brand with an identifiable logo and coloring and a lot of philosophical reasoning behind it. Think about ethics, core values, your overriding vision, and a brand narrative. Your ethics can easily translate over to your company culture. Think about ways you can open up the line of communications. Perhaps regular meetings where everyone is invited to speak and participate. Listen to options, and show how you are growing together. This will make your staff more engaged in the company. At the end of the day, what is good for the company is good for your staff, so get everyone involved in some of the decision-making. Tell them what you want to do going forward and ask for opinions. The more it is seen as a joint venture, the better it will be for everyone concerned. 

Think about the External Aesthetics 

Having a nice build that makes your staff feel proud to work for you is s great way to boost motivation and productivity. There are many ways you can enhance your outside spaces. Think about the building itself. Can you install larger windows or have some cladding or other attractive and creative external fixtures installed. Also, think about using bushes, trees, flowers, gravel, grass, outdoor ornaments, water features to have beautiful gardens both at the front and rear. Think about these spaces as a place for your staff to enjoy and relax during their lunch breaks and tea breaks. Consider also outdoor spaces as extra working environments. Ensure that your roads, parking lot, and pavements are flat and clearly defined too. Using companies such as South Central Sealing and Paving will ensure that the result is perfect. Another thing to consider with the external aesthetics is how it will attract potential new talent, customers, and sought-after vendors.

Tools and Equipment

If you want happy staff who can actually be productive, you need to supply the right tool and equipment. Good computers are a must, along with stationery, printers, phones, headsets, etc. Also, if your business is not office-based, think about having the most up-to-date tools that can effectively help your employees do the job in a more productive and timely manner, instead of fighting outdated and faulty equipment. 


You need to make sure that you attend to your staff’s basic needs in the best possible way. So, first and foremost, think about investing in ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks. Then ensure the computers are fit for purpose. Consider offering free teas and coffees, too. The canteen and break rooms need to have up to date with great food and comfortable seating too. Something else that gets overlooked fairly often is the toilets. A great toilet cubicle that is private with floor-to-ceiling divides is a great way to show your staff, especially the women, that you care about them. Consider decent toilet roll and a handsoap with moistuirisers. Little things like this can go a long way to making someone feel valued and appreciated. 


Color can be used to create a certain mood and to promote activities and productivity. So, this is a technique that can be employed in your workplace environment. If you want a quiet space where staff can relax, think calming colors, and maybe some tranquil artwork. If you have a creative room where you want everyone to be inspired, think bring colors and incorporate some specific artwork that enhances that kind of inspiration you are looking for. In the main work area, use colors that are designed to promote productivity. Art also works here too. However, it needs to be more subtle than in a creative room. Colors can be your best friend.  


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