Ideal Image Reviews: Why Clients Rave About Botox

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Botox has been around for decades, and for a good reason—the injectable works. The FDA-approved cosmetic treatment can smooth out wrinkles, lift your skin and take years off your appearance. After a simple injection appointment, you will reverse the signs of aging. Ideal Image reviews and testimonials demonstrate a high level of commitment to every client who visits the practice.

Benefits of Botox

Botox is considered a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Although Botox has other applications, the injectable is best known for relaxing facial wrinkles and providing a non-invasive facelift. Fine lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines are a natural part of the aging process. Yet, when Botox goes into the skin, the muscles below the surface relax, and any lines are smoothed out. Despite the active ingredient being called botulinum toxin, type A, the treatment is perfectly safe. The ingredient has gone through a purification process before being added to an injectable. Although practitioners have used Botox as far back as the 1980s, the FDA issued approval for cosmetic procedures in 2002.

Botox can target different areas of the face that has visible lines and wrinkles. When visiting Ideal Image, you can talk about your goals for the procedure. You may want to reduce or eliminate the appearance of fine lines on the forehead. You could aim to have fewer crow’s feet or frown lines. Opt for Botox for use on wrinkles found on the lips, neck, and chin, too. Besides eliminating or reducing the appearance of fine lines, Botox can help with other skin issues like facial redness.

Getting the Most Out of Botox

The Ideal Image team will help you every step of the way to get the best client experience possible. For starters, make any Botox appointments at least a couple of weeks in advance of special events to have you looking your best. Also, it would be preferred if you didn’t have any chemical peels or facials before your Botox visit. Treatment appointments are short — typically around 30 minutes. Needles used to administer Botox are thin, and you will only feel a slight amount of discomfort. Results appear within two hours after your treatment. For the best results, stay hydrated and keep out of the sun. Although follow-up treatments are often needed, studies have found zinc supplementation can prolong effects. To keep the skin looking youthful, plan to have repeated injections every few months.

Ideal Image reviews demonstrate just how many clients turn to these medical spas. Clients who have received fillers and other procedures at Ideal Image locations rave about the professionalism of team members and the cleanliness of office spaces. Most of all, testimonials talk about the results of each procedure and how happy they are with the anti-aging effects.

Additional Ideal Image Services

Ideal Image offers more than just Botox to clients. If you’re looking into ways to improve the appearance of your skin, you can review the other injectables done on-site. Each injectable will provide different results and vary in how long the effects last. For instance, Restalyne can fill in deeper lines and will last nine months or longer. Juvederm works on wrinkles and can act as a lip filler. Injectables like Voluma plump up cheeks to provide more definition. Additional medical spa services from Ideal Image include CoolSculpting, CoolTone, laser hair removal, IPL photo facials, and more.   

Choosing Ideal Image

The most important rule about Botox is to choose a trusted and licensed provider. Ideal Image includes hundreds of medical professionals with a history of more filler treatments than any other team in the United States. With over 150 locations across North America, you’ll likely find a location nearby. Contact Ideal Image today to learn more about Botox and whether it’s right for you. Please look at the reviews and testimonials to find out why clients return to Ideal Image for all their cosmetic procedure needs.

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