Paper For A Good Memory: You Need It Even If You Have A Smartphone

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In the world of smartphones, the paper has been replaced by a device that can store endless amounts of data, and it’s no wonder more and more people opt for this new technology to take notes. But, for better memory, you might want to go back to paper. Here is why.

1. The Key To Memory Is In The Handwriting

It is said that memory works by association, so, if you want to remember something, you need to link it with something that is already in your memory. This happens when you are writing since you are forcing yourself to think about what you are doing and engage more senses than just visuals. You can help yourself by using planners or a printable planner template, so you remember everything you need to do. It can be hard to understand why some people struggle with remembering things when they seem so easy for other people. 

The reason might not be how much information has been stored away in one’s brain, but rather how many connections have been made between the neurons there. If these connections haven’t been made, the information won’t be remembered.

2. Paper Is Portable

Having your notes on paper means you can access them anytime and anywhere. If you decide to transfer these notes to another format, for example by scanning them or photographing them with your phone’s camera, the quality of the image is likely to be reduced, making it difficult for you to read. You might even end up losing some information that was important only because of what color ink had been used for its writing. Also, if you decide to buy a scanner (and not everyone has one at home), then there is another expense involved which could take away from other things like clothes or anything else essential for living. People who can barely afford basic things often rely on smartphones for everything, but this is not always the best option.

3. Writing Helps To Focus Attention And Concentrate

This doesn’t necessarily mean that computers are useless tools when it comes to studying, but rather that they have something of a time limit. If you cram some information into your brain in one go with the intention of learning it later by reading it up or writing down what you just learned, then your concentration will be dispersed throughout the entire process and there won’t be enough focus to really get all the inside you no matter how hard you try.

4. Writing Connects Us With The Past And Future

Not many people are able to visualize their lives in the future, but this is not true for everyone. If you try to do it, you might find out that your current actions have a major impact on what will happen years or even decades from now. One good thing about keeping old documents, letters, and notebooks is that they make us think more about where we came from and what journey has led us up to this moment of writing something down on a piece of paper. In fact, they can help us see that life doesn’t end here and that our present choices might be important for something much greater in the future.

5. Writing Allows For More Than Just One Possible Outcome

Humans are complex creatures, and their behavior is often hard to predict. If you write something down, though, there is always at least one right answer to it since this is what has been put into words and nothing but that was written. The words on paper will remain unchanged, and everyone will be able to see them for themselves. The chances of misunderstandings happening under such conditions are very small, and there is also less room for bias as everything is written down. This is why writing by hand has its place, even in this technological era.

6. Writing Can Be Enjoyable

Even if you have never tried writing something by hand, you probably have a right to know that it doesn’t feel like work. If you write something, then you can see your progress and what more needs to be done to complete the task of writing a certain number of words, and it is easier to picture yourself as an author since there isn’t any sort of technology involved in this process. 

The only thing left for you is to make your writing an enjoyable experience without giving up too many potentially useful tools such as smartphones or computers. One of the things that makes writing so much fun is its flexibility. You can write whatever you want, change your mind, and then change it again just as many times as is necessary for you to be happy with what you have written.

No matter how technologically advanced we become as a society, some basic things about our lives won’t change. Keep your old handwritten notes even if you have started using online planners because they might help you figure out the link between your present and future.

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