Reasons why you must hire a car accident lawyer

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All kinds of car accidents, even minor fender-benders, can lead to injuries and cause extensive property damage. In many cases, a car crash can prove fatal as well. Commonly, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted driving, vehicle malfunction are the leading causes of motor accidents in Queens and contribute to at least three thousand vehicle accidents in a month. 

If you sustain injuries or incur damages to the vehicle, then you may have to bear different types of expenses and deal with various parties or authorities. Moreover, a serious accident can lead to disability and loss of earnings as well.  

In such cases, it is often a good idea to file for a compensation suit or a personal injury lawsuit against the parties involved. Since the process is far too complicated, and since there are multiple legalities to account for, it is advisable to hire a Queens car accident lawyer to help you deal with the local authorities, insurance company, and health care providers. 

The lawyers and their team will focus their efforts to serve in your best interest. 

Reasons why you must hire a car accident lawyer


  • Investigate the incident thoroughly 


Police are often bootstrapped and short of resources, and sometimes, they may not investigate a car accident case to the fullest extent. 

However, a lawyer will appoint a private investigator or urge the authorities to open the investigation again. They will collect statements from witnesses, consult with different experts and build a case on your behalf so that you can get the claim you deserve. 


  • Determining loss


In order to file for compensation, you need to determine the exact monetary value of losses, both current and future. This will include things such as vehicle repairs, medical bills, loss of pay, and if the accident has caused permanent disability, future medical bills and loss of pay as well. 

A Queens car accident lawyer will help you determine the full extent of your losses and file for compensation accordingly. You can file for personal injury, product responsibility, wrongful death, medical expenses, and loss of pay. 


  • Provide information about the situation


In a personal injury case or other types of compensation cases, there are a lot of hoops that you need to jump through. As a layman, it might be difficult for you to navigate and deal with authorities by yourself. A lawyer will represent your best interests in the court of law and assist you through the whole process. 


  • Help with paperwork


A compensation claim lawsuit involves a lot of different people, and it is essential to keep track of all the paperwork and communications. To build a case, you must document every communication with the other parties. 

Lawyers and their team of paralegals will assist you in documenting all the paper trails and keeping an organized record of all the communication with other parties. 


  • No upfront fees


Most Queens car accident lawyers work on a contingency basis and will only charge you fees if you win the case. Rather than charging an upfront fee, they are paid a percentage of the total settlement amount of the case. 

To conclude, you must focus on recovering from the accident rather than spending your time dealing with the case. Hiring an experienced Queens car accident lawyer will allow you to do just that. 


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