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If you are looking for an elegant men’s shoe but you are not an expert in this sector, you will have already noticed how many different brands and models there can be.

We have sought the best, we have not stopped at the economic evaluation alone, we have tried to go further, to see beyond the mere purchase cost, trying to understand what characteristics the best Italian and foreign brands possess.

Brands, Prices, And Descriptions Of The Best Men’s Elegant Shoes

By consulting specialized magazines and visiting the “guru” sites in person, we have compiled a short ranking of the best men’s shoes in the world. We did it by comparing the prices of three types of shoes, those considered the most elegant of all: the Oxford, the Monk Strap, and the Derby.


The experience of this leading company in the world of footwear dates back to the late 1800s. Born as a small boutique of men’s shoes, Church’s quickly became a brand known all over the world. Renowned for the craftsmanship of its classic models, in 1999 (after the acquisition by the Prada Group) it also integrated contemporary models into its collection, without however setting aside its English identity, clearly spelled out in every Church’s Frenchwoman.

The collection includes Oxford, Monk Strap, and Men’s Derby Shoes. You will easily find the classic versions in black and brown, but also those in shades of blue and those in the full brogue version. Also as regards the material, the choice is very wide: full-grain leather, Nevada leather, brushed calfskin (in some models enriched with studs), burgundy calfskin, calfskin, suede. The vintage versions that accompany the more classic ones are interesting, as is the leather/linen combination in the monk straps. Also noteworthy is the tricolor Derby (brown, red, and black).

Depending on the model chosen, the price ranges from € 450 to € 850.

Rossetti Brothers:

An all-Italian company founded in 1953 by Renzo Rossetti and his wife, Mrs. Lisetta.

Diego, Dario, and Luca are the heirs of the company, those who steered it into the second millennium with passion and respect for tradition while opening up to a new and inevitable change. An entrepreneurial ability and a passion for the profession that has had their recognition in the issue, by Poste Italiane, of an official stamp dedicated to the brand.

The brand’s collections include the classic: Oxford, Monk Strap, and Derby, which declined in various shades of black and brown but also full brogue and semi brogue versions. The materials are of excellent quality: full-grain leather and suede. The obsessive attention to detail is evident in what the brand defines as the exclusive leather section that offers customers some crocodile leather goodies. Of course, not for everyone, but extremely interesting. The originality is underlined by the creation of the interesting brogues model without laces and the brogues 5 holes models characterized by the particular construction of the upper composed of two parts: brown and black or navy blue and brown.

As for the costs, it all depends on the model and the material: starting from € 200, up to € 2,400 for the exclusive creations in crocodile leather.


The company, also Italian, specializes in the production of luxury clothing for men and is run by the third generation of the family. It dedicates most of its production to exports, especially to the USA, as proof of how much the brand is representative of Made in Italy overseas.

The reasons for the success? The brand explains them to use on the corporate website: “Aesthetic perfection to wear, the superior quality of fabrics, infinite attention to detail, constant updating of silhouettes, innovation and creativity are the key ingredients of Canali’s sartorial tradition”.

Available to customers are Oxford, Monk Strap, and Derby All in the name of tradition. All are made of calfskin and available in black, brown, and cognac. You will not find particular models or aesthetically daring creations, here everything is based on the excellence of the materials used and on the skillful work of realization.

Being a prestigious brand, the prices are absolutely in line with what is proposed: it is around € 420 for each model.

Dolce & Gabbana:

Founded in 1985, this Italian high fashion house boasts over thirty years of activity. Probably enough to describe them is the comment that The New Yorker wrote about them in 2005: “Dolce & Gabbana are becoming in the 2000s what Prada represented in the 90s and Armani in the 80s – the stylists, whose sensibility defines the decade. “

However, the brand turns to the world of elegant shoes with its own very personal vision, offering exclusively Derby shoes, in black and brown colors. Full brogue versions are also offered and are made of calfskin, brushed calfskin, and suede. A variety of proposals are often outside the classic schemes, of which, for example, we found the models with embroidery on the tip, rhinestones, and thermo-strass very interesting.

The price of a lace-up signed by D&G starts from a minimum of € 545 up to € 1,450


The brand was born in 1975, by Andrea Santoni, with the creation of his Haut-de-gamme footwear workshop. His son Giuseppe, taking over the baton, has led the brand to become an international icon.

Tradition and innovation are the keywords, the mantra that animates the brand. A peculiarity that attracts a sophisticated client who is informed about the latest style evolutions, who chooses only the best for himself.

Here you will find Oxford, Monk Strap, and Derby. Available in different shades of black, brown, and blue, also in full brogue and semi brogue versions. Another feature of the proposals is the wide choice of materials with which they are made: full-grain leather, crocodile leather, and suede combined with leather or rubber tank soles. The brand is very fond of creations in which colors fade from one shade to another. An element of sure impact and very elegant.

Prices start from € 350 up to € 4,450 for the particular creations in crocodile skin.

It concludes this short tour in the footwear dedicated to the man who wants to

always be elegant. Now that you have seen what the trends are, why not

take a tour on our site, who knows you may not find an Oxford or a Derby

as you like them?


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