Treating Acne Scars with Botox Dermal Fillers

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In an age where appearances matter so much, you may feel burdened by the presence of your acne scars. Whether you’re a young adult or not, acne can occur at any age and leave lasting remnants behind.

When you’re looking for dermal fillers to reduce or eliminate the appearance of acne scars, it can be an excellent choice to go for Botox Bellevue is one of the prime destinations in the United States when you’re looking to get effective cosmetic treatments by certified professionals. 

How Does It Work?

Acne scars are caused when you pop or disturb active acne and cause inflammation. The inflammation can be worsened when the skin is stretched or pulled. Botox injections first relax facial muscles, which can help in reducing the appearance of scars.

Then, dermal fillers are injected with either collagen or hyaluronic acid to fill the scars completely. It helps in not only reducing the appearance of acne scars but can also make your skin look more plump and youthful.

Convenient Option

Many people shy away from Botox dermal fillers because of the preconceived notion that they will not work on their scars or that they might not be permanent. However, while it is true that sometimes you may need more than one session to reduce the appearance of the scars completely, they do tend to be long-lasting.

Other procedures like derma-abrasion, invasive cosmetic procedures, and so on can tend to be more painful and can take time to take effect on your skin. When you’re looking for more immediate results, getting Botox dermal fillers can be effective. 


Whether you’re using over-the-counter topical treatments or going through regular laser therapy or something similar, they tend to rack up costs after a while. Not only do they not fully work to reduce acne scars, but they can burn a hole through your wallet in no time.

When you’re looking for more permanent results, Botox derma fillers are ideal. Many people opt for between one and three sessions, depending on the extent of their acne scarring. It can also mean fewer costs for you over time, as all you must pay for are the sessions. 

What You Should Expect

Your results are dependent on a few factors like what type of filler you get and how much acne scarring you have. However, you will start to notice immediate effects after two weeks. When you’re looking for more permanent effects, it’s ideal to get collagen as filler.

Before you start the process of getting Botox dermal fillers, it’s ideal to go for a consultation first. During the consultation, you can ask the certified cosmetologist any questions or worries about the procedure.

Not all practices in Washington, Seattle, or neighboring areas can give thorough explanations for treatments like Botox. Bellevue cosmetic practices, on the other hand, have certified professionals that even conduct pre-testing to ensure you’re not allergic to any compounds or solutions used during the treatment.  

Boost Your Confidence With Botox Fillers

When you’re looking to boost your confidence, getting rid of your acne scars can be the first step. Acne scars can really affect your mental and emotional health, and so when you need to find a quick way to get rid of them, getting Botox derma fillers is ideal.

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