What Is Social Security Disability Insurance And How To Get It

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The Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are federal programs that provide compensation to people with physical disabilities. If you have a medical condition that can be fatal or restricts physical movement, you can apply for the SSD Insurance from any Social Security Administration of your state.

The rules and policies vary from state to state and you need to go through them carefully before applying for an SSDI benefit. To further understand the procedure of applying for the SSDI benefit, read on to learn how it works.

Evaluation Process

An evaluation process involves proper screening, laboratory tests, and in-person interviews of the applicants where they are asked the following questions mentioned below. If they do not meet the criteria decided by the state, then they are not considered eligible for the benefits program. Hence, their application is canceled.

Are You Still Working?

People that are continuing their jobs and earning a substantial amount are not considered disabled.

Do You Have a Severe Illness? 

If your illness interferes with your household chores or work-related activities, then you can gain the benefits.

Are You Able to Continue Your Present Work? 

If your physical condition does not allow you to continue your job or business and binds you to your home, then you are viewed as disabled. Although the corporate world has become extremely accepting of specially-abled people in workplace environments, if your specific condition hinders your ability to continue work, it will serve as an enabler in your application process.

The Application Process For SSDI

The application process is not difficult, you just need to follow some steps to get yourself registered.

1. File An Application

To claim SSDI benefits, you have to file and submit an application by either visiting the organization or through online websites. The organizations will contact you once they have reviewed your application. You might be asked to provide any further documents if they are requested.

2. Claim A Decision

Considering the law requirements of your state, you can appeal any decision that you think you have the right to. The organization will then decide if you are entitled to those rights or not.

3. Provide Supporting Documents 

While applying, go through the requirements, criteria, and policies to support your claim in the best possible way. Furthermore, have a proper set of supporting documents that you will need to attach with your application form. Due to the changes in the disability laws in each state, it is recommended to review the rules and conditions before applying. Prepare a disability checklist that includes proof of citizenship and evidence-based medical reports. In addition to these, you need to get a hold of your birth certification, residential status, professional records, medical history, tax return documents, or any worker’s compensation letter to solidify your case.

4. Wait For A Response

If your application is considered valid, the company will inform you through an email and your case will be forwarded to your state government authorities.

5. Check Your Status

You can even check the status of your application through their online websites if the response is delayed.

Factors That Decides Eligibility For SSDI Benefits

Conditions That Decide The Eligibility Of A Disabled Person

Numerous factors decide a person’s eligibility to claim a Social Security Disability Insurance that is different for every country. The state will decide if you can be entitled to the disability benefits under the following conditions.

  • Your health conditions affect how well you manage your professional duties
  • Your medical condition limits your capabilities at work
  • Your ailment is fatal or can last many years
  • You are deemed unfit if you have a short-term disability
  • If you haven’t met your retirement age, you can claim the benefits.

Physical Illness That Is Considered As Disability

There are various physical ailments found in the human body. Some conditions are treatable while others are fatal and you need to make sure that you identify their symptoms before they escalate. The following diseases warrant disability insurance for those looking to file a case as a disabled person. However, you should note that it ultimately depends on the policies of the state you are living in. 

  • Arthritis
  • Back problems
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Heart disease
  • Psychiatric Problems

If you meet the requirements successfully and fall under the successful applicant pool, you can await the benefits and use them to your advantage once they are accepted. Some states also provide compensation for the dependents of the disabled person. If their case has been approved, their families can share the benefits as well. It lessens the financial burden of those with disabilities and offers complete medical assistance provided by the federal state.

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