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4 Practical Tips For Getting More Visitors To Your Business Website

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There is no denying that businesses need websites to succeed in this increasingly digital age. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 64% of the 30 million small businesses in America have a website. However, it isn’t enough to have a business website since people must visit it and take desired actions for the best results. Consequently, it is prudent to explore as many ways to drive traffic to your site. Here are some top tips to help you attract more visitors to your business website.


  • Get social


Experts widely agree that it is not enough to simply produce good website content and hope people find it. Therefore, you have to be proactive with driving visitors to your site using various social media platforms. You can update the link in your bio on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote fresh content when it comes out. In addition, you can change your cover photo to promote new content and tag any influencers who have an interest in it. Furthermore, consider posting the content across your social media platforms and interacting with your followers to engage them. Finally, add enticing information when you upload content to as a way to nudge people to follow the link to it.

  • Perform keyword research


Searchers use keywords to look for products, services, and information they need. Therefore, using the latest and most effective keywords is vital to ensure that your site gets a favorable placement in SERPs to enjoy more traffic. Thankfully, you can use tools like SEMrush and Moz to conduct effective keyword research. These tools can show you the trendiest keywords, how often people search for them, and other valuable information so you can hone your keyword strategy. Fortunately, keyword research is a crucial component of many packaged services you will receive from SEO experts. As such, you can hire these professionals to perform keyword research for your business, among other things.


  • Interview your industry‚Äôs thought leaders


Many small business owners assume that interviews are for large organizations only. However, you will likely be surprised at how many people will be willing to interact with you if you ask them. Therefore, send out emails to thought leaders requesting interviews, and publish these interactions on your blog. The name recognition will increase your site’s traffic and boost your credibility. Also, your interviewee may share the content and expand its reach further, bringing more visitors to your site.


  • Write guest posts


OptinMonster data reveals that 62.96% of readers think blogs with multiple authors are more credible. It is no surprise that guest blogging is popular in the online community. Guest blogging involves writing for other blogs in exchange for referral traffic, backlinks, and increased search engine results pages (SERP) rankings. Therefore, consider writing more guest posts as an effective way to get more visitors flocking to your site. The only true challenge you would have to overcome with guest blogging is to find the right blog willing to receive your posts. For this, you can check their content to ensure it is of the highest quality. You can also check your preferred site’s domain authority and study their guest posting guidelines to see if they work for you.


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