5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer for Your Case

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There has been a 5% increase in car accidents in San Diego over the past three years. Even the most careful city drivers can get into motor accidents in busy cities like SD. The city follows an at-fault policy, and the driver who “caused” the accident is liable to compensate the victim for personal injury and property damages. 

However, car accident cases are usually more complicated than that. It may be practically impossible to establish that one driver is entirely “at-fault” for the accident (unless it’s obvious DUI/DWI cases, rash driving cases, or other instances of irresponsible driving behavior on the part of one driver). 

If the accident involves multiple collisions, the case becomes even more complicated. So if you have been involved in a car accident, it’s best to call a car accident lawyer San Diego at the earliest. When looking to hire a lawyer to handle your case, it is important to know the right questions to ask to be able to make a good decision. Here is a list of questions that you can ask a prospective lawyer to handle your case. 

Do You Specialize in Car Accident Cases?

San Diego lawyers specializing in auto accident cases can handle your case and help you win the highest compensation you are eligible for. These experts understand the legal provisions associated with car accidents and can use this knowledge to argue your case effectively. 

For example, all California drivers must have minimum liability insurance of $5000 for property damages, $15000 for personal injury damages, and $30000 for severe or fatal personal injury claims. People seeking car accident compensation should also file their claims within two years from the accident date and present themselves for court hearings. 

Only lawyers who specialize in car accidents cases know these provisions in detail. Enquire about the strengths of the lawyer and the areas they specialize in. This would help you understand better whether they are the right representative and legal advisor to help you through the legal matter.  

Do You Have a Track Record of Helping Clients Win Car Accident Cases?

As mentioned before, car accident cases can become quite tricky to deal with. If multiple parties are involved, the court will compute the comparative negligence of each person involved. 

You can use comparative negligence to reduce the percentage of fault on your end with compelling evidence and written solid submissions. In all these matters, you will require the expertise of an experienced lawyer. Find out if the lawyer has a track record of helping clients win car accident cases. 

How Long Will the Case Take?

The duration of your case will depend primarily on its complexity and your car accident lawyer’s capabilities. Records show that San Diego car accident cases can take as little as two months or extend for years. However, a typical car accident claim in San Diego takes around three months from start to finish. You can consult with the lawyer about your case’s degree of complexity and the estimated duration within which it may be settled.  

Do You Charge Upfront Fees?

It’s vital to get a clear understanding of car accident lawyers’ fee policies and practices before hiring them. Some car accident lawyers in San Diego charge upfront fees, while others may deduct a commission percentage from the final car accident settlement. The fees charged by the San Diego attorney will vary based on the case’s complexity. 

What is the Highest Possible Settlement Amount?

San Diego car accident victims can claim for both economic and non-economic damages. The average settlement amount for a car accident case in San Diego is around $21000. Your car accident claim may be higher or lower, depending on the nature of your case. After discussing your case with your prospective lawyer, you can ask them a rough estimate of the compensation for damages that you are eligible to get.  

Wrapping Up

It’s recommended you meet the lawyer in person to discuss the strategies they plan to use to win your case. You may also ask the lawyer about the costs and fees you are responsible for.

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