5 Tips on Planning a Perfect Outdoor Wedding With Tent Rentals

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When planning an outdoor wedding, you want to make sure that everything is perfect down to the last detail. From the food and drinks to the decor and entertainment, you want your guests to have a memorable experience they will never forget. If you’re looking for tips on how to make your outdoor wedding as special as possible, read the following five tips.

East Haven has a temperate climate with average temperatures of around 77°F. Tent rentals might be the perfect way to enjoy your backyard wedding! If you’ve never tried tent rentals East Haven before, here are some tips to help.

Know Your Tent Size Options Before You Book

There are several different standards regarding tents regarding what they can hold, so make sure you know exactly what size your intended tent is before booking it. 

Typically, this information will be on the company’s website or in brochures; however, even if they’re onsite during setup and tear-down for their purposes (such as inspecting items inside), some employees might not know what is or isn’t included in the size of the tent they’re renting out. 

Ask them directly about the tent’s size before booking just to ensure that you’ll have room for everyone you’re expecting to see.

Number of People Matters

Make sure to take into account how many guests you’re expecting. Most tents hold around 60-100 people comfortably, so if you have more than that number of guests, you might need to book multiple tents. This will also depend on the layout of your yard and how much space is available.

Check Out Local Weather Conditions Before Booking

It’s always best to check with your target company about whether or not they’re planning on using tents for special occasions where there is potential for rain. East Haven gets around 48 inches of rain every year. So if the potential is there for rain, make sure to ask if they would be able to put up a tent even during inclement weather.

Consider the Length of Event

Since tents need time to be set up and taken down, you will want to consider whether or not you’ll need them for more than one day. If you’re planning a shorter event, the company can likely set up and take down the tent for you within a few hours; however, if your event will be longer than one day, you might need to make special arrangements.

Know Your Tent Accessories and Rental Facts

It’s always best to double-check before booking tent rentals in East Haven to ensure you get what you want! Some tents come with reverse-print walls; however, if you’re going to add lighting inside the tent or a dance floor, don’t forget to ask about accessories and the cost. You might also need different amenities such as electricity or restrooms.

Be sure to check out all available options, so you have no surprises when your wedding day comes. Contact information should be readily available on the company’s website; this could include details about how early staff members can arrive (for setup) and exactly when/where they’ll be coming back (for tear-down). These details are usually posted on your company’s website; however, if they’re not mentioned there, make sure to ask before booking.

If you’re looking for a unique way to have your wedding, tent rentals might be the perfect option. East Haven has a temperate climate so that you can enjoy your backyard wedding year-round!



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