6 Tips On How To Choose The Right Addiction Treatment

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Drug addiction is as serious a problem as any other disease and should be treated as such. While many people believe there’s no effective treatment for drug addiction, many rehabilitation centers use evidence-based practices to help deal with addiction issues. 

Consider drug addiction as a disease similar to a long-lasting disease, and therefore needs to be treated for a lengthy amount of time. When it comes to choosing a suitable treatment or rehabilitation center for yourself or your loved ones, it’s easy to get overwhelmed because of the sheer amount of services present today. Many of these services only look for monetary gain and don’t even have the proper licensing. As a result, it’s important that now more than ever people know what to look for when choosing the right addiction treatment. Here’s a simple checklist to consider.  

Find A Customized Program 

For a person to get the most effective treatment following a drug addiction spiral, it’s important to find a customized program tailored to his/her needs. In fact, many treatments are customized for different kinds of drug addictions like opioids or sedatives to ensure proper treatment can be provided. This is because every drug has different side effects and feelings of withdrawal, cravings hit everyone differently and a program tailored to expect a certain kind of reaction will be much more prepared to handle it than a regular program. 

Consider The Detoxification Therapy 

Detoxification therapy is a necessary aid to help the patient’s body recover from the constant substance abuse they are used to. As mentioned before, feelings of withdrawal are common after rehabilitation treatment starts, and this comes with numerous other symptoms. Therefore, treatments are designed in a way that helps the patient function without having to depend on drugs. This is usually done by reducing the number of drugs that enter into their system on a regular basis. Instead of completely and abruptly eliminating the drug from their body, detoxification is done by reducing or replacing the number of drugs.  

Find Out If Your Insurance Covers The Program

The healthcare sector is one of the most expensive things to afford if you don’t have proper insurance. Even with insurance, minor expenses can add up to cost a lot. Drug addiction is already heavy on your pockets, on top of that, if you have to think about the rehabilitation charges, stress may get the best of you. To avoid that, find programs that your insurance policy covers, or at least partially covers so that the only worry you have is about how you’ll recover from your problem.  

Keep An Open Mind Towards Treatments 

Many drug rehabilitation centers combine different types of treatments together to get more effective results. These treatments are blended together to meet the needs of the individual and usually have these two types of therapies: 

Medication therapy – medication is used to help patients function properly without the use of drugs. Because drugs affect the brain’s functioning, medication can help it return to regular behavioral patterns. 

Behavioral therapy – the focus of behavioral therapy is changing an individual’s attitude towards drug use, and how they live their life. This type of treatment can be individual, in groups, or with family members. 

Understand The Length Of The Treatment 

While some people believe that rehabilitation can be completed in a month, it is far from the truth. For rehabilitation treatment to be successful, a person has to dedicate a minimum of 3 months to effectively get rid of addiction. The rehabilitation and guidance services provided at Recovery at the Crossroads work strongly with the premise of seeing the treatment through properly. This is the right way to do it to ensure that recovery works in the long term. In general, it takes a minimum of 3 months, and it may vary with different cases for every individual. If any rehab center tells you otherwise, consider its credibility again. Anyone that leaves rehab early, in false hopes that their addiction has been cured, has an exponentially high risk of relapse.   

Check The Accreditation And Licenses 

While every rehabilitation center has to obtain mandatory state licenses, accreditation is something you should look for when searching for a suitable treatment center. A reputable addiction rehabilitation center will be accredited by The Joint Commission or Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, both of which are non-profit organizations and have high standards for quality. It’s not always prominent which rehab centers are ethical or not, and therefore you have to be vigilant when searching for one. 

Recovery from drug addiction is only the first step of the process. The road to recovery can be long and hard but with the right mindset and people to support you, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting better. After a successful rehabilitation process, it is important that you maintain sobriety and live a productive and happy life. 

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