A List Of Amazing Destinations You Have To Visit At Least Once

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Travelling is said to expand horizons and give you a unique experience worth every minute spent on the road. Whether you love to meet new people, cultures, or cuisines, traveling is the way to go. The only question that remains is where to go exactly as there is a vast number of possibilities. Do not worry as we made sure to summarize the top places everyone should visit at least once, with regards to adventure lovers as they might love some of the picks. 

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, France

Mont-Saint Michel Abbey seems like the embodiment of our imagination. The beautiful castle in the middle of a lake seems like the residing place of fairy tale kings and queens. The gothic castle and its architecture became a UNESCO world heritage for its uniqueness and beauty. The little village surrounding the castle dates to the 8th century and it endured, during the years,  Roman-Gallic wars, Norman conquests, the Reformation, Revolution, and hundreds of wars. The Romanesque church was first built and designed around the 10th century and the castle later was erected around it. The location has always been a bastion for pilgrims and the wandering traveler and not much has changed during the years. The place is a true paradise for every history lover as it exudes beauty and a rich legacy. 


This one might seem a bit broad so we’ll make it a bit specific. Though the country is breathtaking, Switzerland is known for its mountain peaks and spectacular landscapes, specifically, the Matterhorn. This iconic peak is one of the highest mountains in the area, and we have come across its beauty many times on covers of postcards and travel logs templates. What makes the journey more interesting is the ride by train around it which by itself is a worthy experience. At the foot of this colossal giant is charming, yet the small village of Zermatt with world-class restaurants, hotels, and carriage rides around it. On the other hand, if you are scared of heights, you can go to the town of Lucerne. A medieval town, with bridges, fresco-covered buildings, and plazas with sparkling fountains will certainly get you in the mood. 

Köprülü Canyon, Turkey

Though this suggestion might seem a bit dull, do not fool yourself as this particular natural site is one of the most visited and beautiful attractions on the planet. The marvelous and magnificent curves of the canyon work as a pain reliever for your eyes. And for those who love camping, there are many places where you can erect a tent.

Not only is the Canyon a true national treasure but it also offers diverse wildlife, a Mediterranean climate, and a vast variety of vegetation like nowhere else. The indomitable and powerful river, the Köprüçay, is a true challenger for every lover of rafting. Merciless yet stunning in beauty and charm, it makes descending it a beautiful experience. It might be worth mentioning, for botanists, the Köprülü Canyon’s rich flora consisting of pine, cedar, sycamore, and oak trees and plenty of other species of seed and flowers will keep them busy exploring. The canyon is also home to an ancient city dating back to the 5th century B.C., so history lovers can enjoy sightseeing the remains of this gem. 

Whatever the case, you will not regret your decision as just breathing the fresh air, enjoying the view, and riding your bike will make it a unique experience. Yet, stay alert and be aware of scorpions, snakes, and other dangers as this place and similar alike are natural resorts and as such have preserved vegetation and ecosystem, meaning wildlife, which could be dangerous for you. And, if you choose some of these destinations, prepare yourself for mesmerizing sights. 


In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a friendly island lies. From the Aloha spirit, a friendly attitude the local people practice, to scenes beyond imagination, these sets of islands have it all. The nice and soothing climate allows for tradition and colorful wide shirts and shorts, while the beautiful ocean surrounds; it is every surfer’s dream. Further, fantastic sunrises and sundowns are creating a pleasant and romantic atmosphere. That and the combination of a rich cuisine made of local seafood, foods, and flowers allows for an amazing experience. If not convinced, maybe you should take under consideration the Hula, a traditional dance which will certainly stir those rusty hips, accompanied by Hawaiian music and chants. In the end, just walking the beaches, inhaling the salty air, and listening to the rustle of the ocean is worth it. 


Last but not least on our list is the country of Italy. Somehow it unites all the beautiful aspects of life. From fine food and enthralling scenery to historical sights and cities, Italy has it all. 

In the north, for lovers of mountain scenes and skiing, there is San Cassiano, the epitome of winter charm and beauty. San Gimignano in Tuscany, to the south, offers the finest of Italian cuisine, with classic gelato produced according to old traditions and pasta served in ways you never imagined possible. Praiano, placed at the bottom of a cliff, will soothe your need to get some color in the sun and enjoy a rocky and beautiful coast. For lovers of sports cars, long and curvy roads will allow an amazing experience trying out those supposed horsepowers. Not to mention cities such as Rome, Venice, and Naples each with their unique history and beauty. 

All these places share one trait, they are a marvel of alluring and delightful settings making them worthy of our attention. Whatever the occasion or place, traveling can certainly improve our general spirit, reduce stress, and create amazing memories full of once-in-a-lifetime moments.

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