An Easy Guide On How To Start Playing Songs With Your Ukulele

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Playing songs with your ukulele is a great way to learn new chords, techniques, and music theory. A common problem for beginners looking to play songs on the ukulele is that they don’t know where to start. The following steps include an easy guide to playing it!

1. Find beginner songs

Many different websites include large lists of beginner ukulele songs. The most common sites are ones that allow users to upload their own tabs, or easy versions of other people’s tabs, which you can then view for free. The benefit of these sites is that the majority of songs will be accompanied by tabs and/or sheet music. However, if you find a song with just lyrics, it may not necessarily mean that it is easy — some songwriters create clever lyrics so even though they might seem simple at first glance they actually aren’t. You can search for easy songs by typing “ukulele songs for beginners” into your search engine of choice. This is a good way to find songs that are commonly played by beginners and that have been simplified for those new to the instrument.

2. Learn chords

Once you have chosen a song, the next step is to learn the chords that are used in it. This can be done by looking up the chords for the song online, or by finding a chord chart that corresponds with the key of the song. Chord charts typically show the name of each chord, as well as its location on the fretboard. It’s important to remember that not all songs use the same chords, so you may need to learn new chords for each song you want to play. In time, you will begin to learn which chords are commonly used in certain songs and genres.

3. Practice

Once you know the chords that are used in the song, it’s time to start practicing. It is best to start with strumming patterns, which can be found online or written out by hand. If you aren’t sure how exactly they work, you can look up videos of people playing them, so you get a better idea of what to do. Generally speaking, most beginners will only use down-strums while playing ukulele. However, some more advanced players use other strumming techniques as well. Practicing with a metronome can be helpful for ensuring that your strums are consistent and on time.

4. Watch others play

One of the best ways to improve your own playing is to watch others play. Not only will you get tips on how they hold the instrument and strum, but you might also learn new chords or techniques by watching someone else play them. There are countless videos of people playing ukulele on YouTube and other video-sharing sites, so take advantage of this resource and watch as many different players as you can. This way, you’ll be able to slowly incorporate new techniques into your own playing style, and everyone knows that it’s better to learn from others than to reinvent the wheel.

5. Play with others

Playing with other people is a great way to learn new songs and chords, as well as to practice your timing and strumming skills. You can find people to play with online, in your local community, or even at music stores. Playing with others can also be a lot of fun, so don’t be afraid to ask around and see if anyone is interested in playing together. This will help you to improve your skills faster and make the learning process more enjoyable, which will set you up for success as a beginner.

6. Have fun

Above all, remember to have fun while learning how to play the ukulele. This is a hobby, not a job, so don’t get too wrapped up in it and forget to enjoy yourself. There will be times when you struggle with a particular song or technique, but it’s important to keep going and not give up. If you find that you’re no longer enjoying playing the ukulele, take a break for a little while and then come back to it later. The most significant thing is that you make music because you enjoy it, not because you feel like you have to or because other people are expecting you to. 

Is playing ukulele popular today?

Ukulele is quite popular today, with the 2010s being known as the decade of ukuleles. Not only are pop stars like Meghan Trainor and Jason Mraz using ukuleles in their songs, but they are also seen in TV shows and movies that were released during this time. For example, YouTuber Lily Singh used a ukulele in her music video “Drum” for Bollywood Boys season 1, whereas Walt Disney Pictures featured a group of porpoises playing the instrument in the animated film “Finding Dory”. This rising popularity has led to an increase in people wanting to learn how to play the ukulele, making now a great time to get started.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to start practicing! There are plenty of resources available online and in your local community, so take advantage of them and start learning how to play the ukulele today. And most importantly, have fun while you’re doing it. After all, that’s what playing music is all about.

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