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Best Places to Find an Apartment in New Jersey

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Believe it or not, New Jersey is more than just beaches. While those are great, the state has so many other places to live and enjoy life. Outside looking at it, it’s understandable if that’s all you knew about New Jersey. Thankfully, we’ll be able to clear that up a little bit so you can have more of an idea of where you might want to settle down in this great state. 


If you are hankering to settle down somewhere new and want to see what’s next after the dust settles, it’s hard to beat browsing hoboken apartments and finding the right one for you. What’s so great about it? In a single word: options. First off, New York City is there, which is great, but what’s even better is that it’s there as you want it. It’s perfect for someone figuring out how much NYC they want in both their professional and personal lives.

Looking past NYC convenience, Hoboken itself is a great city from its beautiful brownstones to it’s amazing food. No matter if you are looking for favorites, or to try something new, there’s sure to be great options throughout the city. Come and take one walk through the city and enjoy the views, such as the Manhattan skyline, and see why everyone is in love with Hoboken. 


You may know it as home to the revered Ivy League Princeton University, but Princeton has much more to offer than just being a college town. It’s home to more than 29,000 people and several Fortune 500 companies, so it’s a great place to find an apartment if you are looking to climb a corporate ladder.

In addition to that, there are endless tourist attractions that even the locals love. Exciting examples include, Albert Einstein’s home, the Washington Oak (a tree that was alive when the Constitution was signed), and numerous farmer’s markets so you can buy locally to your heart’s content. 

Atlantic City

While we started by saying there was more to New Jersey than its beaches, they are an important part of the state and it’s not fair to completely leave them out. When looking at Atlantic City in particular, many know it for all its casinos. If you are looking to be on either side of the card table regularly, as the dealer or the player, this can be a great spot for you to grab an apartment. 

Outside of all of it’s great gambling, locals also enjoy fine dining, fishing, and the many activities that come with being in proximity to a beach. Many locals love the Atlantic City Aquarium as well as Absecon, New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse. Looking at all there is to offer, it’s clear grabbing an apartment there would make for a great time whether you are looking to retire or start a career working in a casino or in any position at many of the fine dining offerings throughout the city.


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