Best Winter Fashion Trends

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Fashion is something that seems to change as soon as we figure out what is “in”. We’re here to give you the scoop on what’s popular this winter before the ice thaws in the spring and spring fashion takes over. Check out the top anticipated trends for winter fashion!

One Piece Outfits

Jumpers, bodysuits, catsuits, rompers. These outfits have more than one name, but only one piece of clothing. While one piece outfits have been in for some time, they’re particularly popular among the winter clothing lines. 

“Whether it’s the convenience of not having to pick out an outfit or the flattering appearance of these modern designs, one piece outfits are popping up all over the place in winter fashion this year,” says David Wolfe, Founder and CEO of Oliver’s Apparel. “These pieces are nice because they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and material weights so regardless of where you live, you can wear one comfortably.”

We’ve seen trends of these one pieces being layered over turtlenecks or sweaters or under overcoats and cardigans if the person is going for a warmer style. There are also a lot of winter one piece outfits that are incorporating heavier material and more wintery patterns and styles to keep this fashion trend in style all season long.

Geometric Sweaters

These eye-catching sweaters are popping onto the fashion scene in droves. With infinite color combinations and shapes to choose from, these geometric sweaters are creating a trend we can stand behind.

“These heavy sweaters seem to be on trend with the styles we’ve seen since 2020 that tend to lean more towards comfort, but these bring a flare of dramatic colors and patterns to the scene,” says Ryan Craver, Founder and CEO of Mallary by Matthew. “Geometric designs have been in and out of fashion over the years, but this year they’re definitely in. Throwing them on something comfortable and cozy that’s also highly fashionable seems like the perfect trend to grab for this winter.”

These heavy geometric sweaters do pay a bit of homage to the comfy clothes we all dug out of our closets in 2020 to wear around the house, but these are fashionable and versatile and able to be layered with virtually anything so you can wear it to work or a casual lunch.


We went through a plaid flannel shirt phase a few winters back, but this year the plaid takeover seems to be going in a different direction. This winter staple pattern is here with a bit of flare this year.

“We’re seeing more plaid skirts and dresses that haven’t been in style for years. It’s fun to see some of these styles come back around and re-imagined into modern designs,” says Mike Pasley, Founder of Famous IRL. “Plaid skirts specifically are super in right now with the trend of mini skirts coming back in style simultaneously.”

We have to agree with Mike on this one – plaid is definitely making a comeback this winter. There’s no doubt you’ll be seeing more dresses and skirts sporting this pattern throughout the season. 


These have basically become a staple article of clothing at this point, so it’s no surprise to see that leggings have made their way onto the list of fashion trends for this winter.

“Leggings are great for layering so they are the perfect thing to have on-hand for winter fashion,” says Will Watters, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Western Rise. “However, leggings are becoming more varied in their styling. We’re seeing leggings made out of materials like leather or styled with a bit of flare with wider bottoms. These new trends are adding a bit of variety to the world of leggings and we’re excited to see a bit more creativity with the styling of this article of clothing.”


Denim is another style that seems to stick around in one way or another, but some of the trends we’re seeing this winter are more unique than in years past.

“Denim on denim on denim seems to be a trendy look right now,” says Chris Cronin Co-founding partner of Kitanica. “Multiple shades of denim put into an outfit – or even a single article of clothing – is a bit of an iconic look right now. Pants, jackets, dresses, you name it – there are denim variants galore. These styles are giving a bit of a nod to the 90s while throwing a modern twist into the mix.”

Denim seems to be here to stay throughout the winter season. High end fashion gurus and vintage clothing connoisseurs alike are jumping onto this trend. 

Versatile Style

With so many people jumping on the minimalist lifestyle train, its no surprise that people are looking for attire that can help them slim down their closet by being both fashionable and functional for multiple situations.

“Style doesn’t have to compromise on comfort or functionality. The pandemic has shown us that consumers who have been working from home are seeking fashion that’s more versatile,” says Hayley Albright, Senior Brand and Customer Experience Manager for Xena Workwear. “They’re ditching single purpose high heels and bulky safety boots for more capsule-friendly options. Fashionable AND functional shoes that can work anywhere are in high demand.”

In addition, many styles and brands are capitalizing on this idea by making clothing that’s comfortable enough to feel like something you’d wear to lounge around the house but stylish enough to wear to the office. It seems that the pandemic’s effects have left us being a bit more creative in our wardrobe creation.


There you have it – a list of some of the best winter fashion trends for this year. A lot of these styles are things that have come back around and are giving a nod to years past while adopting some more modern styles. Plaid, denim, and geometric patterns are here to stay all winter long while leggings keep us comfy and stylish through the season. 

Keep a lookout for items that can serve as comfortable clothes but also function professionally in the office. The more items you can find that can pull this double-duty off, the less clothing you’ll have to store and keep organized.

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