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Fond Of Poetry? Here’s How To Make Money Out Of Your Magnificent Skill

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A lot can be said about poetry. Poetry is a work of art that requires many skills to create. It also takes an understanding of the world around you, and how it affects your life. Many people struggle to write poetry because it’s easy to get lost in the words and forget what you were trying to say.

The next time you feel like writing a poem, why not try making some money out of your art? There are many different ways to make money with poetry, but this article will focus on some specific skills within the field that are often overlooked by inexperienced poets. These include rhyming, figurative language, and interpreting symbols which can all help you earn more cash in one way or another. 

Understanding the basics of poetry 

It is hard to encompass the wide scope that poetry has. However, if you want to make money writing poetry, you must understand the basics. Experts from Poetry Publishers explain that poetry is often broken down into three different parts, which is quite similar to writing an article or essay. It is the structured approach that can ensure the quality and standardized approach to writing and commissioning your work like any other product. 

The first part is the introduction, which is where you introduce your poem and state the main idea or purpose. The second part is the body, which is where you develop your thesis and include relevant examples or information. The third part is the conclusion, which is where you sum up everything you have written in a specific way to emphasize meaning. 

When writing poetry, you need to incorporate these three parts as they make your work easier for readers to understand and appreciate. It also makes your poem easier to sell.


One skill that can make your poetry more marketable is rhyming. A lot of people think that rhyming is easy, but it’s quite demanding. However, if you can master rhyming, you can make a lot more money with your poetry. 

There are two main types of rhyming that you can use for your poems. You can either use end rhyme or internal rhyme, but both are effective in different situations. To use end rhyme, take a line from your poem and repeat it at the end to make a kind of rhythm with the words. The easiest way is to read the last word of the line and find a word in the next line that rhymes with it. 

Internal rhyme is a little more complicated but can be more effective. This type of rhyming uses two or more words in the same line to create a kind of internal rhythm. It is often harder to do, but it can make your poem more interesting to read. 

Figurative language 

Figurative language is another important skill to have when writing poetry. This type of language uses words unusually to achieve a specific effect. It can be used to make your poem more interesting or to express something that you can’t put into words. 

There are multiple different ways to use figurative language. For example, you could use metaphors and similes to describe something in a much more interesting way. Metaphors compare two things without using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’, and similes do the same thing but with ‘like’ or ‘as’. You can also use personification to give something human-like qualities. For example, you could describe a bicycle as if it was a person and talk about its feelings and personality. 

Another important skill is sound symbolism. This technique uses specific words to create sounds that make people feel different emotions when they read the poem. It makes your work more memorable and helps get your point across in a more powerful way. 

Interpreting symbols 

A lot of poems use symbols to represent different things. If you can learn how to interpret these symbols, you can put more depth into your writing and make it more marketable. 

There is no one correct way to interpret symbols. However, here are some tips can out. Firstly, try and think about what the symbol might represent in the poem’s context. You can also look at other poems by the same author to see if they similarly use the same symbol. Try and think about the symbol’s meaning in a universal meaning and it can be applied to different situations, not just the specific poem that you are reading. 

Most symbols are open to interpretation, but some have a specific meaning. For example, a rose might symbolize love or beauty. However, if your poem is about war, then it would probably represent death instead of love or beauty. 

How to make money from poetry 

Writing poetry can be very rewarding, but if you want to make the most out of your talent then you will need to take some extra steps. For example, selling your work on websites like Etsy or art galleries might help you get more exposure for your writing. You can also approach companies and organizations that might be interested in commissioning a poem. This can be a great way to make money, as you will usually get paid a fixed amount for your work. It’s also a great way to get your poetry in front of a new audience. Finally, you could also consider teaching poetry workshops. If you are a good teacher, then you might be able to make more money doing this than you would through other methods.

Learn how to market your skills 

Marketing is half the work.  Poetry writers are highly creative, which you can use to your advantage when thinking of ways that you can market and advertise your services in an appealing way. Consider the type of audience you would like to commission poetry for. Would a children’s organization be interested in your work? How about a poetry journal for older readers? 

Always research your potential employers 

This is very important for any job you might take up, but it’s especially important if someone wants to hire you for a project or commission. You need to know who they are and what they do so that you can find out more about the context of the work before getting started on writing something. For example, if someone wanted to hire you for a poem about their new perfume line, then doing some research on the brand might help you come up with more ideas. This will also be helpful later on when they want to use your work in advertising or public relations material. A quick Google search of the company would give them an idea of what kind of style your writing falls under. They can then use this to their advantage when working out where to use the poem, or if it is worth using at all.

Poetry is written to express emotion and tell stories, so think about what you can include in your work that would appeal to the particular audience. People love symbolism and metaphors as they make us think of ourselves as humans, not just people with one singular identity.It can turn into an active income if you play your cards well. 


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