Here’s How to Drive Safely Around Trucks

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Driving around trucks isn’t as difficult as it seems. We’ll share some safety tips to keep in mind when driving alongside a truck to make sure you’re both safe. For example, if there’s a truck coming towards you on the other side of the road and your lane is narrower than the truck’s then it might be best to just slow down and give them enough room to get by. It’s also important to remember that trucks often have blind spots and may not see you, so be sure to check your mirrors before changing lanes or making any sudden moves.

1. Remain Alert

The first step to driving safely around trucks is to make sure you’re not tired or distracted. Driving while fatigued can slow your reaction time and make it difficult for you to drive predictably. If you do end up in an accident somewhere in Missouri, contact a local law firm immediately. A reputable St. Louis truck accident lawyer will help you with the case and if you need to receive any compensation. Additionally, if someone in your car is distracting you, then that also slows down your response time and makes it more likely that something will go wrong on the road. Avoid driving while distracted by keeping your phone out of reach and ensuring that all passengers are buckled up.

2. Give Them Space

It’s important to give trucks plenty of room when passing them or driving next to them. Trucks can take up a lot of space on the road, so if you’re in a lane that’s narrower than the truck, then it may be best to move over and let them by. Be sure that you know where the truck’s cab is on the road so that you can tell how much space they need when passing or driving next to them.

3. Watch for Blind Spots

Many large trucks have blind spots on either side of their trailers, which means that they can’t see you there even if they turn their head around. You should always stay out of these areas whenever possible, and make sure you check your mirrors before moving into a blind spot or changing lanes. Also, avoid zooming up behind trucks because this blocks their view and makes it more difficult for them to notice you – especially in areas with lots of curves where it’s harder for them to see. If a collision does occur, make sure you have your car and yourself insured

4. Follow at a Safe Distance

When following a truck, make sure you stay far enough back so that you can see the truck’s brake lights. This ensures that you’ll have plenty of time to stop if the truck needs to brake suddenly. Additionally, staying too close to a truck can cause turbulence, which can make it difficult for the driver to control the vehicle. As a general rule, try to keep at least three seconds of distance between your car and the truck in front of you. So, also avoid tailgating, as it is dangerous and increases the chances of a collision if the truck has to brake suddenly.

So, to stay safe on the road, make sure you remain alert, give trucks plenty of room, watch for blind spots, and follow at a safe distance. This will help keep you and the truck drivers safe on the road. Thanks for reading!

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