How are People Choosing to Travel Nowadays?

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The world has changed significantly in recent years, and every aspect of our lifestyles has been affected, most notably, the way we work and the way we travel. Timeshare culture is now a thing of the past and is being replaced by staycations and sustainable travel practices; find out more. 


In the past timeshare, holidays were common; that was when international travel was easy, affordable, and free from guilt. A timeshare allowed you to get to know a city or region of the world as a home from home, but the days of timeshares, along with frivolous travel, are over. 

Staycations are now the best way to travel in the new normal, and business is booming. Instead of casting their sights on far-flung regions of the world, solo travelers and families now see the benefits of saving money and reducing carbon while exploring their home country as a tourist.  

Road Trips 

The pandemic caused the world to change and transform in many ways; one of those ways was how we enjoy vacations. While international travel was on hold for a substantial time period, road trips kicked into high gear. A road trip lets you explore the country and reduce carbon. 

Okay, so RVs still send harmful fumes into the atmosphere, but it’s a lot less than airplane travel; additionally, electric RVs can be hired, reducing your carbon output even further. That’s not all; a road trip vacation is super fun and not just for students – why should they have the fun!  

Train Journeys 

It might not surprise you to hear that air travel is one of the most polluting forms of transport; moreover, there are more international flights in the skies than ever before at a time when we need to find ways of reducing carbon output. That’s why train journeys for vacations are better. 

Not only is a train journey a more ethical way to travel, but the journey itself becomes part of the vacation. Sure, you might look forward to landing on the beach or sunning yourself at the pool, but don’t forget to travel in style and enjoy luxury services as if you were on a luxury cruise.

Intermittent Travel 

The two main reasons people are exiting their timeshares with centerstone group and opting for vacations and intermittent travel are international restrictions on travel and green awareness. That’s why more people are choosing to vacation at home and limiting destination holidays.  

Intermittent travel is the practice of reducing your overseas travel instead of abandoning it altogether. So instead of flying to a new destination every year, they fly every two years or every three years; this saves carbon, reduces your footprint, and makes the world more sustainable.   

Sustainable Travel 

Not only are people looking at ways to reduce their carbon impact, but they are also looking for ways to travel more sustainably and lessen their cultural impact as well – this is known as sustainable travel. Sustainable travel is about avoiding harmful impacts on nature and culture. 

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