How To Boost Your Home Security And Prevent Burglars From Breaking And Entering

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We spend a lot of time, effort, and resources into making our homes our little safe-havens. There is no expense we’ll save when we’re working toward that goal, which makes it even more terrifying to think about what would happen if we were to get robbed. Looking at FBI data, there are records of roughly one burglary every 30 seconds in the US – and that’s supposed to be a great improvement compared to a few years back!

Instead of worrying ceaselessly, it’s better to take proper action and rest assured. For that, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to boost your home security and prevent burglars from breaking and entering. Here’s what you can do.

Make Sure All Entry Points are Secure

Let’s start with the first layer of security: your entry points. How easy would it be for a burglar to break in by walking right through an unlocked door or window? It may sound ridiculous, but 34% of burglars actually stroll right through the front door. Although you’ll probably remember to lock the front door, there are high chances to forget one or two windows open at night. In addition to double-checking your locks, perhaps it’s a good idea to install an extra layer of security. That can be in the form of steel doors or window bars, security sensors on entry points, or smart locks to automatically lock at certain times. You shouldn’t forget to fortify your garage either.

Upgrade Your Door Locks, If Needed

Despite your vigilance in locking your doors and windows, burglars can have their own ways of breaking in. The team of highly-trained technicians at bravo locksmith explain that a door lock can only do so much on its own if the cylinder isn’t in good shape, in which case it needs to be upgraded. It may be worthwhile to install a deadbolt while you’re at it to ensure added security and enjoy the accompanying peace of mind. Installing special seals also serves in weatherproofing your locks, which guarantees your home security and your family’s safety for the long run. 

Install a Home Security System

Regardless of its sophistication level, you have to install some sort of security system in your house. If you have the budget and resources, you can invest in a fully-automated professional home monitoring system to ease your mind. Since most of us simply can’t do that, there are various DIY systems that do the same job perfectly. Most importantly, make sure the system you install will help you in protecting and monitoring what needs the most protection. 

Install Security Cameras

Whether you can’t install a security system or you’re in desperate need to take quick measures, you can just start with installing security cameras around and inside your property. A security camera will work as the first line of defense against a burglar; they’ll probably be too scared to break in if they know they’re monitored. If they still break in despite the camera, the footage can help you in reporting and catching them afterward. On a different note, it’s better to choose a security camera that’s connected to a mobile app over the internet. That way, you can preview real-life footage, regardless of your location. 

Use Home Automation

Other than making your home cool, there are a lot of compelling reasons to automate your house. Once you install a home automation system, you’ll have direct and remote access to your door locks, security cameras, lights, smoke alarms, and any other safety devices in your home. You’ll get alerted right away to any suspicious activity taking place in your home, which will allow you to take immediate action. Using home automation, you can schedule your lights to turn on and off at random times if you’re away on vacation, install a small doorbell that scares away porch burglars, and get a live feed on whatever happens on your driveway. 

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

If you opt for a home automation system, you must absolutely secure your Wi-Fi network connection. Since a smart home relies majorly on the Wi-Fi connection to operate and manage the devices, malicious attackers can have a field day if they hijack your network. If that happens, break-ins will be the least of your concerns. To secure your Wi-Fi connection, be sure to choose a strong password, enable WPA or WPA2 encryption, hide your home network, install a firewall on your devices, and protect your devices against malicious attacks using antivirus software. 

Hide Your Valuables

If you’re the kind of person that likes to show off their wealth, perhaps it’s time to reconsider that. Many burglars first scout the blocks for wealthy owners before performing their heists. By keeping your valuable items hidden away, you’ll increase your chances of going unnoticed, thus protecting your house from being robbed. 

Light Up Your Yard

On a different note, burglars like to act in the shadows. They hate the spotlight. That’s why it’s worthwhile to reduce their chances of targeting you by setting up an unfavorable theft environment, such as proper lighting your yard and the rest of your property. If they feel like they’re way too exposed, most burglars will just call it off. 

Make it Look Like You’re Always Home

Similarly, most burglars won’t break in if they think you’re home. Luckily for you, there are many tricks you can play to make it look like you’re home all of the time. A few examples of that can be playing a radio or music, leaving the lights open, or opening and closing the lights at random. If you’re staying away for a long period, try to get your neighbors and friends to collect your packages and mail. 

Burglars can get very creative in their heists. Instead of worrying about all the possibilities, it’s better to take all the measures you can in making your home theft-proof. A few simple actions can go a very long way in securing your house and upgrading your systems, leaving you with nothing but peace of mind.

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