How to make sure you’re looking after your boobs

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You need to look after your body and your boobs. It’s important to check your breasts every month for lumps, uneven skin texture and much more. However, breast health goes far beyond the medical side of things. It’s important to spend time getting to know your body and looking after it. You could moisturize the dry skin on your upper body or buy a new bra. You need to invest time and effort into your body so you can be beautiful inside and out. 

Here are a few ways to look after your boobs. 

Get measured 

You should get measured for a bra every six to twelve months. A professional bra fitter will measure your back and cup size to find the most comfortable bra for you. They can help you navigate the different styles and shapes of bras as well. There’s no need to get lost between the plunge bras and balconettes when there is a professional to help you. 

Proper bra fittings will help you feel more confident and secure in your body. You can reduce premature breast sagging and reduce the bulges around your bra. The right bra shouldn’t cut your boob in half or cause creases around your back. 

Different bra styles

There are many different bra styles. The plunge bra dips between your boobs to cater for low necklines, and the full cup adds volume to your chest. The strapless bra is perfect for bandeau tops, and the push-up is for those who want some extra wow factor. Try on a few different styles of bra to find the right fit for you. You might find that a bralette design with no wire is more comfortable for your body. Invest in a few matching lingerie sets for when you want to feel sexy and on top of the world. 

Measure yourself

If you’re nervous about getting measured by a professional, you can do it yourself. Measure around your back where your bra band would sit and around the fullest part of your breast. Round the back measurement to the nearest even number – this is your band size. Then, minus the band measurement from the cup measurement. This number will indicate your cup size. For example, zero is an AA cup, and eight is a G cup. Put the band number and cup letter together to find your perfect bra size.

Buy yourself some new bras and look after your boobs.

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