How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

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If you haven’t reached your dream career, failed to tick many activities off your bucket list, or feel every day rolls into one, you might wonder where you’re going wrong.

While various factors can prevent you from hitting your goals, it might be due to a fear of failure, change, or what others may think.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone and make your dreams a reality, read the following advice on how to stop holding yourself back.

Don’t Fear Repeating a Mistake

You might fear applying for a job, looking for love, or forming friendships due to a negative experience. 

However, you are not destined to repeat your past mistakes, and you can learn from the painful experience to make smarter choices in the future.

For example, if you were forced to cut a toxic friend from your life, you will know the qualities to look for and avoid in a new friendship. 

Every bad experience will make you wiser, so don’t stop yourself from forming relationships or trying again. 

Believe You Can Do Anything

If you often tell yourself, “I can’t do that,” you’re destined to repeat the same routine, and you might struggle to tick many dreams off your bucket list. 

If you believe you can do anything you set your mind to, you could live a happier, more meaningful life. 

If you tell yourself that you’re not good enough, you can’t do something, or you’ll fail, you’ll never reach your full potential.

Stop being your biggest critic and become your loudest cheerleader. It could transform your confidence, outlook, and prospects in life.

Find a Solution to a Problem Holding You Back

There is a solution to every problem standing in your way, which could help you tick off a goal or secure a rewarding career.

For example, if your dream is to enter the police, you might fear your poor vision could stand in your way. However, many police officers wear glasses or contact lenses each day. 

There are even comfortable options that will protect your vision when patrolling the streets, such as UV protection contact lenses

Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination can keep you back in your career and personal life. 

Many people are guilty of avoiding hard work in favor of the easy option, but this can lead to a lack of self-growth, low self-confidence, and limited prospects.

For example, you might want to lose weight, but you might skip exercise in favor of the sofa.

You might want to change careers, but it might feel easier to stick with your mundane job over completing an essential course.

If you are guilty of procrastinating, make a pledge to stop. Identify the steps you need to take to make your dreams a reality, and don’t look back. 


Don’t allow one person, one experience, or one flaw to hold you back in your life. 

Tell yourself you can do anything you put your mind to, become your biggest cheerleader, and stop procrastinating now.

You will live a happier, more purposeful life filled with opportunities and excitement.

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