How to Stop Stressing and Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so why are we so stressed? According to the American Psychology Association, many people suffer from holiday-induced stress because of a lack of time and money during the holiday season. This can lead to impulse buying — and eating — which tends to make people feel even worse. 

But this year, don’t let stress get the best of you. Here are some tips to help you stop stressing, save money and stay healthy while enjoying time with family and friends:

Keep it Simple

Are you hosting a party or just trying to keep your family fed this holiday season? Either way, keep it simple and consider using a grocery delivery service such as Instacart to save time and money. (It’s easier to make sure impulse-buys don’t end up in your cart when you’re not there in person!)

To save time on meal planning and prep, opt for a few (almost) ready-made frozen meals. Think Swedish meatballs or chicken gyoza — both of which you can turn into a decent meal with just some rice and veggies. If you are planning to get frozen seafood delivery, be sure you are home when it arrives for safe food handling.

Smart Not Spendy

Hosting a holiday party? Before going all-out with party decorations from the store, look at what you have in your own home. The great part about the holidays is so many decorations are already up. Show off what you have so you don’t have to spend money on stuff you’ll throw away at the end of the night. Other party decor and entertainment tips: 

  • Set up an area for Instagram-worthy photoshoots to keep your guests entertained and away from the food prep area.
  • Part of the party could include a ceremonial “lighting of the tree” in your home to give guests a little action to enjoy. 
  • Use an extra strand of lights and weave it in between the food dishes for a festive touch. 
  • Set up a coloring table for kids using supplies you own and print out holiday designs. 
  • Make it a costume party (ugly sweater, anyone?) and let your guests’ attire take the spotlight.
  • Do a holiday recipe share. Guests can bring their favorite recipe to share and you’ve got a head start on next year’s party. 

Ask for Help

Here’s a common problem, especially around tradition-based holidays: Our minds like to convince us that it’s easier to do something ourselves than it is to delegate the task. Don’t believe the lie! Avoid giving yourself the weight and stress of doing it all — all by yourself. Hosting a gathering? Ask friends and neighbors if they have extra folding tables or chairs you can borrow instead of renting them out. It’s that simple.

Don’t Plan for Perfect

Too many people spend the holidays searching for perfection, instead of just enjoying the speed bumps as they come along. The best stories come from the meals we share with friends and family and the follies that follow. This holiday season, stop stressing and use these tips to save time and money.


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