Interesting Conversations To Have With Your Partner

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After being with your partner for so long, it may feel like you have covered all there is to say. As a result, you will constantly struggle to keep conversations interesting and make them go beyond asking how your day was and what you had for lunch.

Don’t fret because this is totally normal. If you didn’t know, everyone gets to that point, including your favorite celebrity couples. Here’s a list of tips and ideas to spice up your conversations and keep them as interesting as they were when you first met.

Play Thought-Provoking Games

Sometimes it takes just a simple board game such as Chess or Scrabble to strike a lasting conversation.

In the case of Scrabble, discovering new words may start a conversation about the history of different languages and the origin of some words.

If you two play Chess, analyzing moves together will give rise to conversations about tactics. These may include more exciting discussions on Chess, such as its similarities with other games, and share tips.

The two of you can also invest in jigsaw puzzles and let your conversations change freely from one topic to another.

Engage in Meaningful Debates

Meaningful debates with your partner are an easy way to appreciate how smart they are. During debates, you two also get to stand for and defend your beliefs.

Different perspectives are a great way to learn things and bond without premature judgement.

For example, if your partner’s work or interests revolve around health, you can ask him questions like; Is IBS a disability ? , sit back and listen to their thoughts and reasoning.

Other topics you can debate together include the state of the nation or other breaking news from around the world.

This could also be a good chance to explore politics and critique together without judging each other or getting angry because their opinions differ from yours.

Talk About Your Dreams

One thing that will never grow old about people is their dreams and aspirations. So ask your partner about their dreams and listen to their voice tell you in excitement.

After that, you can also share yours as you two compare notes and find ways to support each other for the better. Finally, please take this opportunity to tell each other about past failures or even their most embarrassing moments as kids.

Apart from helping you sustain a conversation, such shared vulnerability builds trust and cements the relationship.

Your Goals

Setting goals together has always been an excellent way for couples to bond. When you set goals with your partner, you are highly likely to quit your comfort zone and give your best.

Take to your partner about your personal goals often. This will make them feel trusted or serve as an invitation to speak and sustain a conversation.


Everyone gets bored at some point in life; however, these instances should not take you too long. Also, relationships will not go far with a weak and superficial connection.

The tips on this list will provide you with uncommon conversation points to keep your conversations fun and mind-blowing. Remain open, and the possibilities will surely be endless for you and your partner.

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