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Money Wise – Protecting Your Invested Future

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Life after a financial shake-up can put a lot into perspective. For people working and saving for a better future, last year brought to mind reason to double-check their finances so when the next hit to everyday life comes, they don’t end up losing all they’ve gained.

Mid 20- and 30-year-olds have learned to adopt a thrifty lifestyle to help pay for school, car loans, home mortgages, and the start of a family. To keep their goals on track, here’s a look at some ways to keep your books in the black and maybe get you stable enough to start making extra.

Side Earning

Millennials faced with current job markets have become masters of the hustle that comes with freelance and side-earning revenue. Most people have found that they can capitalize with little more than the knowledge in their heads and a Wi-Fi connection as sites for skill-sharing and teaching have exploded in frequency in the last few years to become a million-user network. Tutors, carpenters, and gardeners all have an audience who’s willing to pay for their time and love to see a self-made business of one striking out on their own.

The world of investment and stock trading has become more open as different platforms and currencies become more utilized by a larger audience of young and first-time investors. Anyone can open a savings account that automatically puts away a piece of each paycheck towards a stable mutual fund. 

The surge in popular blockchain investing has also affected the way day trading crypto rules today’s marketplace. Today, individuals can buy and stake their virtual assets in a global pool of other investors. Volatile pricing can see assets collect greater value, profiting far above original buying prices. That’s not to say there aren’t risks to market investment, just that a lot of research and second looks are needed before making crypto a part of your total worth.

Pay Your Way

Today’s basic financial strategy is to pay less and save more. Following that guideline for your daily spending and goalkeeping, you can work out which expenses you can cut out and what seemingly frivolous buys can be written off. Look at the big charges like rent and auto repayments. Loans that will take years to pay can scale down to minimum payments, so you’re not dumping half your pay only to take a little off the interest. 

Let your bank give an estimated amount of time to make payoffs, then work that into your financial schedule. See that the installments get paid first, then you don’t have to worry later. After the big bills get paid, look at everyday expenses like groceries and gas next. Start tracking prices and see if there are options to buy bulk for relatively cheaper or mark days that have the price lower than average so you can save with every purchase. The little things add up quite fast, as you’ll soon see in your savings account.

Don’t think that all this talk of cutting costs doesn’t mean you should stop spending entirely. On the contrary, having one or two quiet luxury purchases can keep you on track with saving the rest of your paycheck. It could be a good coffee once a week or shopping once a month as a weekend getaway. If thoughts of bills are stuck in your head, look for a spa day and give yourself peace of mind. 

Letting the pressure of financial security get to you will lead to trouble with decisions later down the road. A peaceful mind finds they need less and can hold off buyers’ envy when the moment arises.

There are many reasons you may need to keep track of your financials. Having to plan for a bright future while dealing with life’s curveballs, it’s best to cover your bases and shore up your money. With some savvy planning and effort, any young professional can find themselves heading towards a brighter future with their bank accounts thriving. 

You can start as soon as you finish reading this article. Make time, write out your spending habits, and maybe call a financial manager or two and see how you can make the most with every paycheck. Keep your dreams on track with security and peace of mind every payday.

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