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Mum burnout is real: tips for maintaining your mental health as a new mum.

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One of the most positive things is welcoming your newborn to the family. Although, it can also be the most stressful thing, especially if you’re a first-time mother. Many new mothers tend to have baby blues after giving birth, as others suffer postpartum depression. As a new mother, the following tips can help you maintain your mental health.

 Start by taking care of your basic needs

The basic needs you should take care of include eating well and foods rich in nutrients and regularly moving your body. You can opt to carry a snack and a bottle of water when you’re eating. Also, you can practice different physical activities with your loved ones, like going for evening walks.

Make sleep your priority

It’s normal for your newborn to disrupt your sleep, and lack of sleep may intensify your emotional reactions, leading to negative feelings. You can find a babysitter that has great baby care tips, especially for a newborn, and make sure you trust her to watch over your baby while sleeping.

Always engage in positive self-talk

Different challenges come with being a new mom because there are days you will feel you’ve not accomplished much, and other days you may not be having an idea of what you’re doing.  Remember, it’s okay to have emotions as a new parent because being a mom can also be a unique experience you’re learning. You can conquer all the negative feelings by being your advocate.

Don’t fear asking and accepting help

It’s okay for someone to come in and help you. Since there’s nothing shameful about asking for help, you should not be so hard on yourself. Motherhood can be enjoyable if the people around us are helping. The use and support you can put in place can be the cleaning services, having someone do your grocery shopping, or having a meal delivery service.

Set achievable goals 

You may want to be productive, especially when your baby is sleeping. You may be thinking about the unwashed dishes, the unfolded laundry, and taking a shower. Try resisting the urge to do numerous tasks since you may have limited energy.

Instead, start by setting goals for things you can easily manage, like doing the dishes first. Small accomplishments can help instead of doing things that will overwhelm you, and this can be an important way of boosting your spirit.

Be open about how you feel

Having negative emotions after giving birth is normal. However, accepting all your feelings is vital, and you can consider talking about your experiences to someone else. You can speak to your family, friend, or even doctor as long as you trust the people because there are huge chances of understanding you. Also, in cases where you may be feeling alone, you can look for parenting groups and do all you can to meet like-minded mothers and share your experiences.


In sum, it’s a life-changing event to have a baby as much beauty is found at the moment. However, it would help if you never forgot that having emotions is normal. The feeling will pass as long as you are proactive and be yourself.


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