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Preparation Tips for the Unforeseen

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Our lives can change at a moment notice. One minute everything can be bumbling along down that same predictable path, the next, wham, everything is up in the air, and nothing is certain. The reality is control is an illusion, but it is how we dress that illusion up to ourselves that will help us through any life-changing event. Today we have highlighted a few ways you can cope with those unexpected events:

Get Your Finances in Order

One thing is for sure an unforeseen event will affect you financially. So if you have financial issues, you need to get on top of them. For some of us, just the thought of this can be pretty daunting, and many people have lost total control of their finances which is why there is such a huge debt problem. Take an honest look at your finches and work out where you are. See a financial planner if you have to, and develop a strategy to get out of debt and start saving.  A rainy day fund is essential to prepare for the unforeseen.  

Create Order

If your life is out of control when something happens, you will find it hard to cope. Not being organised comes in many forms, from a messy home which makes it difficult to locate anything, to having a lot of unfished documentation like getting that insurance or speaking to Wills and estate lawyers. You can also find order by decluttering all your life spaces, such as your physical space and mental space. The more space you can create in every sphere, the more prepared you are for when things go wrong.

Imagine the Worse

This can actually be quite a fun exercise, but it has a very serious intention and outcome. If you want to be prepared for something unforeseen, then you need to imagine all the bad things that can happen do happen. Create a scale of how likely ti it s to happen, then develop strategies for dealing with each event. If your home caught fire, for example, are you covered in your insurance policy, do you have a working fire alarm, have you got an escape route, do you need a fire extinguisher, etc. Maybe take a look at some real-life stories of people whose lives were turf upside down due to an unforeseen event. Learn from their mistakes. 


If you are the kind of person with the mindset that nothing will ever happen to you, you will be the most shocked when something happens. Things happen to everyone all the time, and you are no exception. So, just developing a mindset of acceptance that things change and can change at a moment’s notice can help you through. If you can do this, you will become far more resilient too. You will also be able to mitigate any damage that has occurred. Because of, instead of fighting the change, you work with it and create a path through it which prevents more disasters from happening. 


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