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Significant Aspects to Look for in a Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair

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Sitting at your desk all day might be exhausting, and it can affect your efficiency. If your office chair isn’t as accommodating as it should be, you might want to consider investing in a lumbar cushion. When shopping for a lumbar cushion, keep in mind that it should not only be comfy but also suit your back. It’s critical to pick a pillow that will stay in place when you’re sitting upright. So it’s a good thing if you sag in your chair and the cushion falls out; the goal is to train your back to maintain its posture rather than merely buttress the spine. By preserving the curvature of the spine, an excellent lumbar cushion, such as Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Desk Chair – Memory Foam Back Cushion (Black), enhances the spinal muscles and safeguards the discs. Read on to learn about the crucial features of an excellent lumbar support cushion.

  • Ease of Positioning, Comfort, and Quality of Materials

Because the height and width of chair backrests vary, your pillow must include straps long enough to go over the back of all chairs. Since the position of the lumbar area differs from person to person based on the length of their torso, versatility is essential. Though most of the lumbar support pillows from outlets appear almost identical, little characteristics such as overly curled, sharper side edges, or non-elastic straps may make a significant difference in how comfortable they are to use. The thickness and texture of the pillow coverings and the simplicity with which you may remove them for washing are all essential factors.

  • Firmness of The Pillow

Everybody has different tastes whenever it comes to firmness, like with bed pillows and mattresses. Even so, simply pushing your palm into the pillows while they’re lying on a hard surface can reveal varying amounts of hardness. During testing, you’ll notice that some compress readily while others are firmer.

  • Thickness and Give of The Pillow

Almost all lumbar support pillows available at stores like Everlasting Comfort are curved, with sides higher than the center. The depth measurement is generally taken at the thickest point (the sides) rather than the middle, where your back puts the most stress against the pillow. Some experts placed a long, rectangular piece of Styrofoam vertically over the middle of each pillow and measured the height from floor to Styrofoam to determine the thickness of the area of the cushion that supports the spine. Then they weighed the Styrofoam with a 10-pound weight and measured it again. 

Even though most individuals sit with more than 10 pounds on the backs of their chairs, this activity offered some insight into how much give each cushion had. One stiff cushion was crushed to 13% of its original thickness, while a softer pillow was squeezed to 33%.


It’s vital to understand that excellent lumbar support like a lumbar pillow won’t fix the numerous significant health problems linked to inactivity and extended sitting. The only established “cure” for a too-sedentary office environment is to move during the day and get out of your seat every twenty minutes or so. Remember that if you don’t make an effort to take care of your own body, you’ll end up suffering because nobody will do it for you.

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