Things You Should Know About Maintaining Your Gun

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Guns are not inexpensive tools. However, the good news is that they can last for a long time if properly maintained.

Whether you possess a weapon for pleasure or defense, you must maintain your firearm, clean and in excellent condition to perform efficiently when you need it. The number one reason for having a clean weapon is safety. 

It is crucial to have a routine for cleaning and lubricating your firearm for proper function. It is also vital to have suitable gun cleaning equipment and know-how to use them. A safe and correct gun cleaning method can help your weapon remain in like-new condition and guarantee that it operates perfectly when you need it most.

Why should you Clean Firearms?

You must ensure that you clean every part of the weapon. There are various parts and components in a firearm. The magazine, barrel, grip, handguard, trigger, and trigger guard are the most common ones. Every weapon has a lower receiver made up of springs, levers, and pistons. 

However, if you get them from an unreliable source, the components might fail often. So, whether you purchase attachments like a silencer, the best 300 Blackout lowers, or a customized grip, it is essential to get them from genuine retailers.

Here are the reasons why you should be cleaning your guns regularly.


Safety is a primary consideration when discussing firearms. Firearms, whether shotguns, bolt-action rifles, or semi-automatic rifles, are meticulously built devices.

Unburned powder, dirt, and tiny bullet fragments accumulate with time and usage, not just in action but also in the barrel. As a result, it takes very little to create a malfunction, misfire, or even a bullet to get lodged in the barrel. These factors can contribute to dangerous situations and make the handgun a hazard to the operator.


Along with safety problems, an improperly maintained weapon might exhibit performance difficulties. A filthy firing pin, for example, can result in a light strike, preventing the primer from igniting the powder inside the bullet.

The rifling of a firearm’s barrel is finely machined to impart a stabilizing spin on the bullet, considerably improving accuracy. Dirt and filth in your barrel, on the other hand, might impair your marksmanship, which can have severe implications downrange.

Naturally, the more complex the gun, the greater the possibility of failure. For instance, a semi-automatic rifle has more moving components than a breech-loaded firearm. Dirt, old lube, or burned gunpowder can contribute to your action malfunctioning, leading to repeated malfunctions.

Investment Factor

Whether you are a gun lover, collector, hunter, or just a firearm enthusiast, all weapons are an investment. However, even if you are not anticipating a return, weapons are not inexpensive, and repairing a shattered one might be costly. Therefore, keeping and cleaning your handgun is critical if you want to get the most out of your investment.

When Should Your Gun Be Cleaned?

There are different types of guns. In general, it is advised that you give your gun a basic cleaning after every 250-300 rounds shot and a thorough clean after approximately 2500-3,000 rounds.

After Practicing

If you visit the range for practice or leisure, you will likely fire more bullets through your rifle than when hunting. As a result, it is often a good idea to clean your pistol after each range session.

After Hunting

Even if your hunt is exceptionally successful, you are likely to use much less ammo than you would on the range. You can only shoot your rifle five to ten times or even less on a hunting excursion.

However, hunting outings frequently expose your weapons to additional sources of dirt and rust. Outdoor humidity, dust, and rain can harm your rifle, so it is wise to clean the gun after each expedition, regardless of whether you were successful.

Clean even if you Do not Use it Regularly

Occasionally, we have weapons that have not been fired for a long time. Whether they are part of a collection, you do not intend to use them regularly, or perhaps you have not had time to visit the range. In any case, regular light cleaning is still a good idea. 

Dust, moisture, and other pollutants can accumulate on your valuables over time, even if they are securely housed in a safe. Therefore, cleaning your handgun at least twice a year or once a quarter is always a good idea.

Storing your Firearm

Properly storing a weapon is an integral part of maintaining and keeping it in optimal condition. This should be a location with less exposure to dust, particles, and moisture. A gun safe is an ideal location not just for preventing contamination but also for safety. Furthermore, some safes provide protection that conventional lockers and totes cannot.

For instance, many safes are certified to survive floods, storms, and flames, but only to some extent. Additionally, the majority of safes include ratings indicating how long they can resist certain temperatures.

Keep your weapons in a safe. You can help protect them from moisture in the air by strategically putting packets of silica gel beads around the safe. These beads are often used to keep materials dry during delivery and absorb moisture from the air inside your safe.


Responsible gun owners follow a set of basic guidelines to protect themselves and the people around them. Gun safety necessitates that you keep your weapon in good working condition at all times. You may feel good about yourself as a gun owner if you maintain your weapon well. Good Luck!

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