Tips And Tricks For Cleaning A Gun

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Having a good gun is good. However, if you want the best from your gun, master the art of cleaning and maintaining it. With good maintenance, your gun will work smoothly and effectively. It will also last longer. Thus, cleaning it regularly is important. The following guide is all about gun cleaning. If you love it, clean it.

Brush Pistol Barrel

The first step involves dipping the brush in a good rifle cleaning solvent. From here, consider brushing the rifle barrel. Allow it to cook. This process is aimed at cleaning up the barrel and preventing any foul smell. Purchase a bore-based brush. It will do a nice job. Also, you can use a pipe cleaner to clean your gun.

Wipe The Gunks From The Frame

Use a paper towel and wipe the gunk from the rifle’s frame. However, never use rubbing alcohol. Instead of preventing the stains, it will damage your gun. Also, ensure that the rug you are using is clean. Be careful when handling the guards. They tend to catch dirt quickly. Avoid using solvents because they can damage your gun.

Clean Rail, Slide

The third step is all about cleaning the rail as well as the slide. Here, consider taking a Q-tip. From here, proceed to run it around the gun’s rails. Use many nooks (i.e., when doing it on the gun’s slide) to remove accumulated dirt.

Recoil Spring

Step 4 involves working on the recoil spring. Here, you are required to get your recoil spring. From here, rub the gunk off using a dry rug. If you can, use a toothbrush to clean the springs. A toothbrush is ideal for cleaning the springs because it can reach those hard-to- reach parts. It’s also effective in removing hidden dirt on the springs. Remember, if you let dirt acuminate the springs, your gun can be ineffective. So, clean it well.

Brush Barrel

It’s now time to clean the barrel. Use a brush to clean the barrel. Running a brush through these parts will completely remove clogged-up dirt. Also, be sure to use a dry rag for cleaning the outside of the barrel.

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Clean The Barrel’s Inside Using Pistol Jag

The barrel’s inside can be cleaned using a pistol-based jag (i.e., a special material designer for cleaning the gun’s bore and its barrel). Thus, push the jag through the barre’s inside. Avoid dragging it. It will only push the dirt back into the barrel. A bore snake can be used to clean the barrel’s inside. A few patches will help you get the required color.

Oil Your Gun

After cleaning the gun, it should be oiled properly. Here, consider dipping the Q-tip in a recommended oil. Allow the slide rails to oil up. Do the same to all the parts that look shiny. Also, the recoil spring should be oiled. However, don’t over oil these parts. Be sure to get rid of any excess oil. 4 to 5 drops are enough to oil the whole rifle.

Reassemble It, Dry Fire It

Reassemble your gun and take it for fire drying.

The Bottom-Line

It doesn’t just stop at purchasing the right gun. You need to maintain it. This includes cleaning it regularly. With regular cleaning, you can eliminate dirt and dust buildup. The above guide will help you clean your gun properly.

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