What’s Causing Intimacy Issues in Your Relationship?

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Do you feel that your healthy relationship has taken a turn? Marriage rates in the U.S. have fallen over 17 percent in the last ten years. 

Intimacy issues in relationships are one of the most common woes in a relationship. Keep reading to learn more about these frequent problems. 

Intimacy Issues in Relationships

What are intimacy issues? When people think of intimacy, they may think it includes anything to do with physical touch. Sometimes that can be the case, but intimacy spans much more than that. 

Intimacy issues can be all kinds of challenges that keep you from feeling close to your partner. A lack of intimacy can cause friction if left unattended. No two people think the same way, and intimacy issues can affect any relationship. 

Lack of Intimacy Due to Schedules

A lack of intimacy in relationships could get caused by busy schedules. Many partners get focused on jobs and family demands. Intimacy issues happen with opposite work schedules because partners don’t see each other. 

Some people also work more than one job. Intimacy issues may come up when partners don’t spend time together over long periods. They lose touch with what each other needs and wants. 

Lack of Communication

Talking is a way of connecting. When two people have trouble expressing their feelings, it can produce intimacy issues. Lack of communication in relationships pulls couples apart. 

When conflicts arise, it is crucial to have the tools to work through them. Couples who have trouble communicating may not have what it takes to do this. That may lead to fighting or avoidance. 

Many couples who have this problem seek therapy. In relationship counselling you learn about conflict management. You will understand how communication problems lead to worsening intimacy issues. Then, you will get the skills and tools to fix them. 

Intimacy Issues in Marriage

Some people make the mistake of thinking marriage will be much like dating. Intimacy issues may happen because we expect daily life to be like it was in the past before we got married. 

One of the intimacy issues to present after marriage is a spiritual one. Many couples don’t discuss how they feel about religion while dating. Your partner will need to know how your spiritual inclinations lean. 

Physical intimacy issues can happen after couples have remained married for a while. Sometimes one partner wants more sex than the other and the difference can cause a strain. Once children come into the mix, it can lead to less physical intimacy. 

Fixing Intimacy Issues

If you have intimacy issues, it doesn’t mean you should give up on your relationship. When you have problems, you can seek help from a trusted professional. 

Intimacy issues in relationships can get frustrating. Part of loving someone is being able to work through problems together. Understanding your partner’s needs can help mitigate future intimacy issues. 

These problems don’t have to overwhelm you. Intimacy issues can get fixed with the right approach and understanding. Check out the rest of our site for more relationship tips and information!

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