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What’s Hot for Winter

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Streetwear has an amazing ability to reinvent itself and adapt to the seasons. Since winter is almost here, now is the time to start looking for clothes to keep warm in the colder months while still staying true to your streetwear style.

From sourcing new hoodies to finding a new pair of sneakers, streetwear never disappoints when it comes to options. The following are some of the hottest streetwear styles you should check out if you want to upgrade your winter wardrobe. 

Hiking boots and layering

The secret to nailing winter streetwear is having a great understanding of your layers. Always choose garments of different lengths to ensure that they are visible when you wear them on top of one another. 

Take a look at the Streetwear at Grailify to give you some great ideas for how this can work, but if in doubt, go for white for your base layer then add in color.

Although they may not be your typical streetwear footwear, hiking boots are all the rave at the moment. Combine with a dad cap and you’re all set for whatever the weather throws at you while still being right on style.

Skirts and tunics

This season, kilts, skirts, and tunics feature prominently in the some of the top designer winter collections. For instance, Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh rolled out a stylish combination of A-line kilted skirts over a pair of trousers. Then, at JW Anderson, they had oversized jodhpurs, ribbed hems, and pleated dresses meant for men. 

We recommend going for something that sits just below the knee when going for one of these options. Then look for a finish with pleading which is perfect for adding texture. Teed, cashmere, or wool are all perfect for an on trend and warm winter option. 

Overcoats, logo hoodies, and joggers

Naturally, your mind jumps directly to tailoring when you think of clothing to pair with your wool overcoat. However, thanks to Kanye West’s wardrobe back in 2015, we learned that overcoats pair surprisingly well with casual clothing and hoodies in place of a suit. 

Use a hoodie with a bold logo and contrasting color to offset the smartness of the coat. Although the addition of joggers might seem a little weird, the wool topcoat makes it appear intentional. 

Hoodie, quilted jacket, and cross-body bag

When your layering is on point, you don’t need to sacrifice street cred by covering yourself with an uncomfortable winter coat in the cold weather. The perfect replacement for a single, heavy coat is the hoodie and quilted jacket combination. Without sacrificing any insulation, you can maintain a sleek silhouette. 

Then throw a cross-body bag into the mix to break things up. A cross-body bag in a contrasting color works really well. Although the bag might feel strange initially, you will never go back to having your keys and wallet in your pockets!

 Joggers, colorful flannel, and dad sneakers

At its core, streetwear is about making a bold statement. And there is no better way to make that statement than a colorful over shirt that does battle with the dull winter weather. A streetwear classic that fits the bill perfectly is a thick flannel shirt. 

However, you risk being mistaken for a hipster from 2011 or a technicolor lumberjack by pairing a bright flannel shirt with a pair of jeans. Therefore, a pair of joggers is a street-friendly and laid-back choice to maintain balance. Lastly, dad sneakers are not only comfortable but also blend any outfit. 

Varsity jacket, hoodie, and baggy trousers

Both varsity jackets and hoodies were designed for layering. The simplest way to create an outfit that packs heat is by combining the two. The jacket’s padded lining is capable of keeping the elements out and then the the hoodie will shelter your head if you forget to bring your beanie along. 

Although the jacket’s shiny fabric is perfect for adding texture to your outfit, maintain some balance and ensure your legwear gets attention as well. Simple, black, and baggy clothes always pull off the trick nicely. 

Gilet, windbreaker, and cross-body bag

Due to its simplicity, functionality, and style, this combo is as good as any other outfit on the street. As temperatures fluctuate during winter, you can add or remove layers accordingly. Also, if it rains, you can wear the gilet beneath the jacket. 

A cross-body bag adds another layer to your outfit. It goes without saying that it is an ideal palace to carry your beanie or gloves for the inevitable chilly spells. This is your ultimate combination if you want to combat anything the weather has in store for you.

Parka, wide-leg trousers, and chunky sneakers

A heavy-duty parka comes in handy when the temperatures begin to drop. This insulated clothing is arguably the king of winter coats. Its thickness allows it to be straight over a T-shirt without any worry of freezing, even on the coldest days of winter. However, pairing it with skinny legwear is impossible due to its puffy appearance. Instead, to keep things balanced, it’s recommended that you go for a pair of wide-leg trousers. 

Then remember that the exaggerated proportions need to extend down to your feet. So, complete the look with a trendy pair of chunky sneakers. Not only are you on trend but the sneakers grip will keep you on your feet on icy streets this winter. 

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