4 Things You Should Know About Uber Accidents

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The rideshare app has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons after several drivers have hit pedestrians, bicyclists, and even other cars. With many people wondering what they can do to avoid being involved in an accident, let’s explore 4 things you should know about Uber accidents before you get into one.

1. You Can Receive Compensation

While victims of an Uber accident may not be able to sue the company directly, they can sue the driver who was behind the wheel. Insurance companies are still sorting out whether or not Uber is responsible for accidents that happen while their drivers are working, but some legal experts say Uber could be held liable for incidents depending on individual state laws. If you believe you are suffering from personal injuries caused by another person’s negligence or want more information about how auto accidents work, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible so that all necessary investigations and processes may begin immediately. If you were injured in Las Vegas, you can consult with the attorneys at Sam And Ash Law to consider your next steps. Some insurance companies require their drivers to have User-specific commercial car insurance to cover accidents that occur when behind the wheel. This means the company itself should be covering repairs or medical bills in most cases, though victims can still sue the driver if they are found negligent.

2. You May Not Need To Worry About Insurance Rates Getting Hiked

As previously mentioned, insurance companies are still trying to figure out whether or not Uber would be liable if their drivers hit another car or person. But until those decisions are made, insurers will continue offering coverage to Uber drivers just as they always have. However, some companies will not provide coverage if a driver is found to be on the job at the time of an accident and has failed to follow Uber’s rules and regulations. If you’ve had an accident with your Uber driver, contact your insurance company as soon as possible so you can find out how it will affect your rates.

How Are Insurance Rates Measured?

Insurance rates are based on the likelihood of an event happening. For example, if your car is in a garage and it’s unlikely to be stolen, you would pay less for insurance than if you parked it outside where it could easily get stolen. It might sound like common sense but people often don’t know that their insurance rates will be higher when they use Uber or Lyft because these rideshare services have more accidents. That means that even though some drivers are only using Uber as a side gig, they still end up paying more for their auto insurance each month because of the way this service measures risk.

3. The Risks Are Higher At This Time Of Year

According to a study by transportation research company INRIX, injuries and accidents tend to increase as we get closer to the winter season. While the increased traffic volume is one factor that contributes to this spike in accidents, Uber drivers also face additional distractions like drinking and driving, drowsy driving (due to long hours spent behind the wheel), and fatigue (from insufficient breaks). If you’re looking for ways to stay safe during your travels, download an app that provides valuable travel tips and safety information specifically for people who will be traveling, alone or with their children, this winter season. Any safety precautions that you might have throughout the year need to be leveled up during the winter.

4. It’s Easy To Spot A Fraudulent Claim

While many Uber accidents result in injuries, there have been a few cases of individuals claiming to be victims simply as a way to defraud an insurance company. If you’re going to file a claim with your insurer after being involved in an accident with an Uber driver, make sure your story is 100% credible and true. In general, any claim involving an Uber who was not officially on the job can be considered fraudulent if it’s found that they were using their car for commercial purposes anyway. Another thing you can do to spot a fraudulent claim is to inquire about your insurer’s rideshare policy and coverage.

Uber accidents are on the rise as rideshare services become more popular. While there are still some questions to be answered surrounding these accidents, one thing is certain: Uber drivers are just as responsible for your safety as any other car driver. If you’ve been injured by an Uber or Lyft driver, be sure to contact your insurance company and a personal injury attorney right away so they can start working on paying for damages and injuries related to the accident.


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