4 Tips to Help You Dedicate More Time to Hobbies

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If your life is hectic, then there’s a chance that you’re trying to seek joy whenever you can in your busy life. Whether this is trying to learn how to cook some of your favorite dishes, learning a new language, watching a new show, or even something a little more creative like painting. Regardless of what hobbies you’re hoping to invest in, you deserve to have time to do those things. Hobbies are a very important aspect of life, they bring joy, and they help you forget about your responsibilities for a bit. From time to time it may seem almost impossible to actually fit in a hobby in your day but these tips can help you out!

Treat it like an appointment

If you mark something in your calendar and take everything seriously that’s recorded, it’s going to be a lot easier to appoint and dedicate time to your hobbies. So think about a certain day, a specific time throughout your week when you tend to have more free time. This specific day and time should be marked on your calendar and you should treat this as something serious. The more you follow and keep to your schedule, the easier it’s going to become.

Get someone to join in

Finding a partner to get into a hobby with you can be one of the best things you could do. What better way than to combine socializing and a hobby, right? This can include buying merchandise or supplies for your hobby like bowling jerseys and just having some fun. In general, having someone to come in and join the hobby can also help make this hobby more accountable so both parties are kind of “forced” to partake even on the days they don’t feel like it.

Come up with a hobby that’s a little more portable

Depending on how much time you have in your day, you could consider picking up a hobby that’s a bit more portable. Taking your hobby with you wherever you go can be one of your goals for making 2022 your best year yet! If you have free time during your commutes to and from work, during your meals, or even while you’re heading out somewhere for the day then this could be a great idea. For example, if you’ve been wanting to get into photography then you could bring your camera with you and shoot during your commute. These small gaps of time may not be ideal, but they can help you out with getting more time to dedicate to your hobby.

Think about what distracts you during the day

Sometimes people can just be too busy with their jobs and families in order to spend time doing their hobbies. Other times it’s due to distractions getting in the way. So is there anything in your day that may be causing distractions? One major distraction would be cell phones. Is your phone getting in the way of you doing things? Oftentimes, when people have free time, Whether you have a smartphone addiction or not, it’s helpful to try to get yourself to break away from your phone and there are even helpful apps out there that can do that.


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