An Easy Guide To Understanding The Technology That Hotels Use

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The hotel industry is a business that has been around for centuries. It’s a natural extension of the hospitality industry, which dates back to ancient times. And since then, hotels have evolved and changed with the times to meet customer needs and wants. Today, there are so many technological advancements in hotels that it can be difficult to keep up with them all! This guide will help you understand some of the most common technologies used by hotels today from interactive touch screens, app-based concierge services, virtual reality headsets…all the way down to keyless entry systems! Here are some of the latest technological innovations you’ll find in your next hotel stay.

1) Online Booking and Ordering Systems

This system allows guests to book services such as room service, spa appointments, and more online. This system also gives guests the ability to order food. Many hotels are creating online menus for restaurants in the hotel. This provides guests with more options, which they can order via phone or on their laptops. The online menus allow guests to save time by having the food delivered directly to their rooms. The customer simply places their order online and then goes to the restaurant to pick it up. It is for reasons like this that the Hotel Tech Report says it is important to find the right software for your hotel because it simply makes your stay very convenient.  It can make things easier for both client and the establishment itself.   

2) App-Based Concierge Service

From booking accommodation (for an example, head over at this website) to arranging for specific services, this system allows guests to book services such as room service, spa appointments, and more online.  For example, if you’re looking for a restaurant recommendation, you can simply use the app to send the concierge a text. The menu will be sent directly to their phone, and they can ask you any questions about your preferences. If you’re having trouble finding a restaurant that meets all your criteria, the concierge can even help you find one. This service saves guests time and energy, which is why it’s so popular among today’s hotel guests.  

3) Virtual Reality Headsets

These headsets are very similar to the ones offered in movie theaters. They allow guests to immerse themselves in a virtual reality world. The headsets are used to display videos that take the viewer on a virtual tour of destinations, hotels, or restaurants. The videos are designed to provide more information about the trip, potentially influencing the viewer to book a hotel stay.  

4) Interactive Touch Screens

For those of us who always seem to be searching for the ice machine, good news! Interactive touch screens are being installed in more and more hotels. Touch screens allow guests to get fast answers to questions that they may have, such as where the ice machine is located. Guests can simply touch the screen to be directed to their destination. The touch screens are also beneficial for checking out movies that might be playing throughout the hotel. Interactive touch screens can be found in elevators, room service areas, and restaurants, and even in the front lobby. These screens are programmed to give hotel guests information about the area, restaurants in the area, and attractions. They can also be used to check your current tab balance, check-out time, and even book future hotel stays. These allow guests to use their fingers on the screens of the lobby kiosks to display information about hotel services.

5) Keyless Entry System

No more keycards! As the name implies, this is a system that allows guests to enter their rooms without needing physical keys. Instead, they can use cards that are linked to their rooms. This is especially helpful for hotel guests who are traveling with children, as they no longer have to worry about losing or misplacing keys. Not to mention, it eliminates the risk of bringing an extra key into your room that you could potentially lose or forget about. If need be, hotel staff can easily access rooms with this system.

6) Electronic Door Locks

Similar to the keyless entry system, electronic door locks allow guests to unlock their doors with a device that’s linked to their room. This is beneficial for parents who may have younger children who can’t yet use a key to unlock their room. It also allows guests to lock and unlock their doors at their leisure, without the need to worry about carrying a key. These door locks can be activated from a smartphone app, allowing guests to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Another variation of this is a keypad on the door.

7) Adjustable Room Controls

Some hotel rooms have temperature and humidity controls that allow guests to adjust the temperature in their rooms. This means they no longer have to wait until they arrive at their hotel to adjust the temperature. It also means that guests can make the room feel more cozy and comfortable before even arriving, eliminating one of the biggest complaints. Not only do these controls allow guests to adjust the temperature in their rooms, but they can also control things such as media (such as TV and music), lights, and window shades. Guests can also control their favorite settings, so they don’t have to turn the TV on every time they enter the room, for example. These controls can be activated via a simple smartphone app that allows guests to adjust settings from their phones.  This prevents guests from having to call down to the front desk every time they have a question or need something.

Hotel guests have a lot of different technological advancements to choose from, and it’s important that they know what these are before booking their next stay. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant or want to make your room as comfortable as possible, there is no shortage of technology available at hotels today. These 7 examples show how hoteliers are using new technologies in order to provide the best experience possible for their customers. Consider checking out some of these advances when making your next reservation!

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