Best places in the world to find your hookup partner

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No-strings-attached sex appears to be simpler to get by than ever before in this on-demand, technology-obsessed day. As you might expect — or perhaps know from personal experience — location is crucial. In theory, you may meet a soon-to-be hookup anywhere, some places are more popular than others when it comes to meeting venues.

Top hookup capitals to find your best hookup partner


Dogging is a classically British passion, however, Spain blows the UK out of the water when it comes to outdoor hookups and cruising venues. Spain is the top hookup capital providing a whopping 15,872 beautiful hot spots to choose from. Also, Barcelona in Spain is the ideal date destination since it combines the hustle and bustle of the city with the beauty of the beach. Gotico’s Secret Garden: Bar Jardin is a good place to go for a solitary drink. It’s a challenging location to find. The entry is at the back of a retail outlet, at the top of some unknown stairs, through a forest doorway. Consider how amazed your date will be if you discover it!


In recent years, many young and prosperous people have migrated to Sydney, a beautiful city in Australia because of its good climate and economic prospects, making it the 3rd top hookup capitals. It is ideal for those looking for a more adventurous date providing 2,462 spectacular hookup destinations. Additionally, a voyage around the harbour on a Sydney Tall Ship will enliven any night out, even if it is a little costly. There are so many bars and restaurants that you may take out someone special at any stage of your relationship. St Kilda Beach, where young romantics may see a colony of penguins comes out onto the beach every night at sunset, and Naked for Satan, a hipster paradise with a mesmerizing vista, deserve special attention.

New Zealand

Auckland City of New Zealand is an unexpected entry to the list, given its size and population. Nonetheless, the city’s plethora of beautiful outdoor areas provide 2,317 stunning locations making it a strong choice for a dating trip. Few other locations on this catalogue offer the opportunity to take someone paddleboarding as you can at Auckland’s Waitemata Harbor. If you’re looking for a fun date, look no further. You can also look for hookups on They provide a list of casual and hookup options to choose from. Your alternatives in New Zealand would be better owing to their vast list of top-ranking applications. 


With Spain topping the list, followed by the UK, Oz, New Zealand, and Canada, other top places include the USA with 1,411 hookup locations, Germany with 1,580, France with 1,020, Italy with 760, and Belgium with 340.

The UK bagging the second position in the list with a total of 4,616 hookup locations owe to the car parks and off-road laybys which are considered to be the classic romantic spots.

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