Child Friendly Kit for the Moms on the Go

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We all know that one friend that’s always busy and active and carries her child around all day long. In most cases, we either are or turn into her. If she has some work to do in town, her kid accompanies her. If she has to meet up with friends for coffee, the little one is probably in the stroller next to her. 

Although it sounds fun, it’s not always delightful when you’re not prepared to tackle the day with your kid, especially if you’re going to be busy. To help you out, we’ve come up with a few ideas for child-friendly kits for the moms on the go.

Child Care

No matter if you’re running errands, meeting up with friends, or working with your child around, you should always be sure to have all the necessary items for your kid. When our child is happy, we are happy too!

Firstly, make sure to always have your baby’s food with you when you’re on the go with them. No matter if your child’s food is bottled breast-milk, cow’s milk formula, or a plant-based formula, you should always make sure to have their food stored safely. 

Next on the list, be sure to take a couple of diapers with you, along with some wet wipes, baby powder, and tissues. Since you will most likely have to change a diaper or two in your car, make sure to bring a waterproof cloth to put underneath the baby when changing their diapers so it doesn’t get messy.

Remember to take their pacifier and pacifier clip – one of the most important parts. Babies often spit out their pacifiers, so if you don’t want your baby to lose it while being strolled around the park, take some pacifier clips. Just attach the clip to their shirt and it’ll never fall out of the stroller.

Don’t forget to bring a wooden teether as well. The wooden variety is better and safer than the others. They feel more natural and are easy to grasp, and also they hold up well after some time. Teethers are great for soothing your baby’s gums when their teeth start coming in.

Never forget to take an extra pair of baby clothes just in case they have a nappy or food accident. Also, consider taking some warmer baby clothes with you in case the weather starts getting colder.

Mom Care

Self-care – we love that. How can we properly take care of a child if we can’t look after ourselves? While a busy and active day with our little one can be exhausting, we need to make sure to have everything we need with us at all times.

Never forget to have your first aid kit near you. No matter if it’s a little cut or a scratch, it’s better to fix it and ease the pain than have your mood ruined during a busy day. Also, bring a little disinfectant to keep your hands clean at all times.

Make sure to bring some tampons and pads just in case, because you never want to go somewhere unprepared, especially when you’re busy and have your kid with you. Keep your menstrual products near you at any time along with some much-needed pain killers.

Bring your favorite hand lotion, sunscreen, and chapstick. Feeling comfortable in your skin is important when you have a long day ahead of you. You can also take some of your favorite make-up if you feel like it.

Make sure to pack a little comb, hair ties, and a nail file. Quick grooming before heading out never did any harm. Also, a pack of gums would come in handy. The strong scent of mint freshens the mouth and helps with concentration and focus.

Consider buying a travel mug. You can’t always stop at a coffee shop for your daily dose of caffeine, so make sure to bring homemade coffee when having a busy day with your child on the go. Sleepiness tends to lower the mood and often leads to grumpiness, so keep your water close and your coffee closer.

Final Thoughts

If you have some things or work to do and have to take your child with you, always remember to take some items with you that will help you with your day. Make sure to store your things safely, so nothing can spill.

No matter how stressful or time-consuming everything may seem, remember that the most important thing about busy days is to have fun and enjoy your time multitasking.


Josey graduated from Malone University with a communication arts degree with an emphasis in public relations and marketing minor. She was the editor in chief of the student newspaper, The Aviso. When she was about 12 years old she read her first magazine and instantly knew she wanted to write for one. She absolutely loves telling a story through her writing.

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