Guidelines for Blending Mainstream With Alternative Clothing and Accessories

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Alternative fashion sounds like a scary phrase, but this is just any fashion that does not follow mainstream ideals. There are people who look at it and think it’s the thing for wierdos, but they miss the point. Your body is a canvas and clothes act as the paint. The outfit you wear is an expression of what you are, and there’s no impediment to not walking down the streets with your head high while letting your freaky flags fly. Here are some tips to consider if you want to embrace alternative clothing and accessories. 

Be Brave 

Because this makes you stand out, people will obviously look and stare. This can seem like criticism if you’re too sensitive, but it’s not always the case. Keep in mind haters will hate, so enjoy your outfit and walk with confidence. You should use your clothes as a part of your artistic expression. People will look, often because they admire and love your style. So, don’t always interpret the stares to mean you’re doing something that should not be encouraged.  If you’re looking for places to shop some of the best alternative fashion pieces, a platform like shopluna allows you to sample clothing and jewellery. 

Tone it Down in Some Situations 

Okay, it’s a good idea to be proud of your choices, but this should not mean you must take your style into every setting. Some situations require a different kind of expression. Your outfit communicates in different ways, so if you’re attending a formal event, you might want to tone things down. You don’t want your choices to be considered unprofessional or arrogant. Always judge situations to know what’s acceptable. Alternative fashion can be extreme, outlandish, but through some tricks and creativity, you can pull things off in different situations. 

Accessories for Alternative Fashion 

Fashion is not only about finding the perfect blouse or nice shoes. What will make your style stand out is the accessories. You can consider them the icing on the cake, the feather in the cap, and the cherry on the sundae. Mash accessories with some mainstream clothes you wear throughout the day to send a clear message.  

Bracelets and rings are a perfect choice if you’re looking to incorporate alternative fashion into mainstream ideas. They’re subtle, so you can almost anything to an office setting and be comfortable with the look. Often, you’ll get more compliments if you’re brave in your choices. 

Custom necklaces blend into many styles. If you want something gothic or ethereal, necklaces are a clever choice. You can wear several of these at once to emphasize your style. Blend with some vintage pendant with some black ribbon for the gothic style. Such juxtapositions work about anywhere and can turn ordinary jewellery into custom sets that are special and unique to your style. 


It’s easy to blend alternative fashion with mainstream clothing and accessories. This decision requires a bold move that will ensure you can wear what give you some confidence. It’s about being unique and standing out amidst the norm. 

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