How to Make Up After a Fight With Someone You Love

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Did you know that couples who argue together are ten times more likely to have a successful relationship than those who avoid confrontation?

Although arguments can be healthy for a relationship, reconciling after a fight can be hard. It takes maturity and wisdom to maintain a happy marriage or relationship.

Continue reading for four crucial tips on how to make up after a fight.

Cool Off

Be like a piece of wood. Don’t react. If you are both feeling emotional, take some time and wait until you’re calm enough to have a mature discussion.

You can say to the person you love, “I’m still upset, and I need some more time to cool off.”

We make unwise decisions and often say harmful things if we react when the feelings are still raw. You can make things worse by trying to make up after a fight too quickly, potentially hurting the person you care about most.

It’s at this moment that a rational mind will serve your relationship much better than an emotional one.

Listen to One Another

It takes two to make up after a fight. Once you are both calm, talk things out together and try to understand your partner’s feelings. To love someone truly, you must understand them.

And to understand them, you must listen to them. Acknowledge how they feel and practice the art of deep listening, allowing your partner to release their pain in a space free of judgment. The simple act of listening shows that you care and are aware of how they feel.

Listening to one another can restore communication and peace in your relationship after a big fight.

Step Up and Apologize

It takes courage to take responsibility for hurtful things we have said or done. Apologies are vital for maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

Sit down together and work to resolve the problem that started the argument. Sweeping it under the rug is a short-term fix, and the issue is sure to reappear, likely in a more volatile way.

If you are sure that you’ve done nothing wrong, take the time to understand why your partner is upset. 

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Let It Go

Hopefully, you understand that you’re not trying to win the argument. And you must also remember not to hold a grudge after the dust has settled. Failing to let go and move on will lead to a lot more tension in your relationship.

After having a mature conversation, you should both arrive at the point of agreeing to let it go. This shows that you value your relationship and recognize what is truly important: love.

How to Make Up After a Fight Made Easy

Well, that wasn’t too difficult. Take the time to cool off and put your relationship above being right. All it takes is maturity and love.

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