How To Plan The Perfect Hang Out Day For Your Friends

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When you’re planning a day to hang out with friends, it can be hard to find that perfect balance between activities. You want something everyone will enjoy but also have some time to themselves for solo enjoyment. To make your life easier, we put together this list of the best activities for all types of personalities. 

Take your friends for an escape room adventure 

Escape rooms are a great pastime activity that is perfect for any group of friends to enjoy together. They combine physical and mental challenges in such a way that everyone in the group will have something to do and be engaged with the game. Escape rooms are really popular now, which means there is no shortage of places to go to find one near you. You can find them near universities or corporate office buildings, and they offer a variety of different scenarios and fun combinations.

We recommend getting at least 4 people in your group so you can divide up the puzzles and everyone has an escape room buddy to work with on it. Booking escape rooms online is easy and often cheaper than buying them in person. You can usually book them up to a month in advance, so plan ahead and treat your buddies!

They are a great opportunity for bonding because they encourage teamwork and socialization in a shared problem-solving environment. They also offer a great deal of satisfaction when your team finally cracks a really difficult puzzle and everyone can rejoice in your accomplishment.  You can get to know your friends better and become closer because of the shared experience.

It requires a lot of mental work and energy, so go prepared to be exhausted by the end of it. 

Go for brunch 

Brunch is a great way to finish off your day with an epic meal to share with your friends. There are tons of brunch spots everywhere, so finding one that you can all agree on should be no problem.

We recommend putting down your book, phone, and computer for this meal because it will be meant for catching up with your friends at their pace. Brunch is good to go every day of the week so you won’t have to worry about trying to rustle up a reservation at an inconvenient time!

Brunch is perfect for winding down the day with your friends because everyone will have just enough food to be satisfied but not so much that they feel weighed down or sleepy. You can definitely use this opportunity to talk shop about all the things you’ve been doing, and it’s also a great chance to reflect on the day before going out again.

It’s a high-energy meal, but you won’t feel tired by the end of it!

Go to a museum 

Museums are one of the best places to hang out with friends because they award people for being curious and informed about what is around them. There are museums everywhere that highlight the history of the world, host art galleries, and inform people about new scientific discoveries.

Museums are great for hanging out with friends because you can basically be as involved as you want to be in whatever exhibit is on. If you’re not particularly interested in art or historical artifacts, then it’s okay! You don’t have to learn everything! You can just enjoy the aesthetic of what you’re looking at and then take a turn to let someone else in your group see it.

If you want to get involved, museums are great because there’s a lot of information written about what you’re seeing! It’ll be a nice surprise when something catches your eye and you can read up on it further. You can also bring along your friends who are museum buffs and ask them for some insights!

It’s perfect for learning about the world around you because there are exhibits focusing on new science discoveries every day! 

Go to a board game cafe 

Boardgame cafes offer you the chance to share some snacks with your friends while playing a large variety of board games with them. You can find these cafes everywhere, and they offer a great space for you to unwind from the day with your friends!

In most board game cafes, there are tons of different board games you can try out. Some of them have been around for years and some are relatively new, but they’ll all be fun to play with your friends! Board games are great to share with your friends because you can bond over all the cute pieces and standees.

Boardgame cafes are perfect for hanging out with friends because everyone will want to join in on the fun at some point! They’re also good places to meet new people who like board games because you can make friends with the people you’re playing with.

It’s perfect for bonding and having a great time because everyone will have something they enjoy doing!

Go to a nargile bar 

Nargile bars are great for hanging out with friends because they offer different flavors of tobacco to smoke. You can create your own mix and match flavor combinations, which is perfect if you want something that’s fun but won’t make you feel too tired.

They also have a chill atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the rest of your day with friends. There is usually a variety of tea and coffee to choose from, so you can definitely perk yourselves up when you’re feeling low on energy. Since they don’t tie you down for a particular activity you can catch up with your friends and then decide on what you want to do!

Hanging out with friends is an important part of maintaining relationships, but it can also help you get to know your friends on a more intimate level. It’s common for people to only hang out with their close friend groups at the same time and never branch outside that group. Hanging up once in a while will give you the chance to see how others think about life and enjoy new experiences together! You probably have your own combinations of fun activities to do with your friends, but it’s also good to try something new just to keep things fun!



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