How To Remove Facial Hair?

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Although facial hair is common with men, many women also have hair growth on their faces and may feel conscious about this if the hairs become noticeable or coarse. The hair growth can fluctuate due to hormonal changes, with many women noticing more hair either if they have a hormonal imbalance or post-pregnancy and ageing. If you’re looking to remove that hair, here are the top 4 methods that may be better suited for you.


This is the fastest and easiest option to go for if you are looking for a quick solution. You can clean your face and apply your shaving cream. This will allow the skin to be smooth and allow a closer shave to reduce any cuts. You can shave the hairs in the first of growth. Shaving is suitable for most parts of the body but can be tricky for those hard to reach areas. However, using a razor is not going to give permanent results, and in most cases, the hairs begin to grow back from 1-3 days. This method can often leave the skin more irritated and with further irritation.  


Threading is another common method for those looking to shave their eyebrows to remove upper lip hair or sideburns. The thread is used to grab and pull hair out of the follicles. This method can be more effective than shaving as it will have longer-lasting results and is less likely to have a bad reaction. If you have active acne or spots, then this option might not be the best for you. 


Whether you opt for an at-home wax kit or a professional service at a beauty salon, this method can be used with strips of melted wax. Some salons may require doing a patch test prior to your treatment to ensure that you don’t have any reaction to the wax and check the temperature. During this method, the wax will stick to the hairs, and the hairs will be pulled out of the hair follicle; this can leave you hair-free for 1-2 weeks or longer.

Laser Hair Removal

This is the longest-lasting hair removal method with multiple benefits. When choosing a clinic for Laser Hair Removal, ensure they have many years of experience and the most advanced technology to ensure you have the safest and most effective treatment. Although this method may seem very costly, in the long term, it could save you much more money and time from booking waxing appointments or using razors constantly. With Gentle Max Pro technology, this method uses a dual-wavelength laser which means that all skin types can be treated. The laser technology will deliver a controlled amount of energy onto the targeted areas, which then destroy the hair follicle at the root without damaging the skin and tissue around them. Alongside this treatment, a cooling system is used to increase comfort. On average, clients can expect to have a course of 8-12 treatments and see up to 80% permanent hair reduction, this can fluctuate due to hormones. Those with PCOS may require more maintenance treatments and can speak to their GP for more information on helping with PCOS.


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