Organizing Corporate Events in the Post-Pandemic Scenario

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Today’s job market is undergoing unprecedented and drastic changes. Firstly, the Great Resignation movement is well underway, and more people than ever before have quit their jobs or are planning to do so soon. 

Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated trends that were already happening and triggered the sudden popularity of working from home – so sudden that companies were barely ready for this change!

With so much going on, it has never been more important for companies to continue attracting the right talents and doing all that is possible to retain their best employees. 

At the same time, because of social distancing measures and safety rules, it has never been more difficult for employers to maintain their appeal. If you are not sure how to tackle this challenge, start planning a successful corporate event with the tips below. 

Opt for Outdoor Venues

Whether you are organizing a party or a more formal conference, you should consider the benefits of outdoor venues in this post-pandemic scenario. Indeed, outdoors, ventilation is much better, and it is easy for your guests to stick to social distancing rules. 

Luckily, if you are considering hosting your event during the warmest months of the year, you can just make the most of a sunny day. However, thanks to heated patios, gazebos, and tents, you can also host your event outdoors or partially outdoors during the winter months. 

Partner With a Specialized Agency

Organizing a corporate event has always been challenging, and there are a lot of organizers who are responsible for during, before, and after the event. However, this whole project has become far more difficult due to the Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing measures. 

Luckily, you don’t have to take on the responsibility of running the entire event by yourself! Indeed, you might consider hiring a specialized agency and making use of a premium corporate catering service

While hospitality experts and event organizers will take care of your corporate event and make sure that everything runs smoothly, you can also make the most of this time to enjoy time with your colleagues and bond with your team. 

Downsize the Event

Of course, you will want all of your colleagues and team members at your event. However, for their safety, it is always recommendable to downsize your event and make sure that the invitees can stick to a social distance they are comfortable with. 

Luckily, there is a lot you can do to downsize your event without committing a social faux pas. For example, you might consider only inviting department heads or running the event on a live stream. Some of your employees might even feel happier and more comfortable attending the event from a distance. 

Host It Online

If you don’t feel comfortable hosting your event in person, there are many fun team-building activities that can be enjoyed safely and through virtual means. From social media competitions to office games and initiatives such as the Kindness Quest, there is plenty you can do to keep your employees engaged and involved with your office’s culture. All this, without putting anyone’s safety at risk!



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